Outfit Ideas That Will Make You Look like You’ve Been Styled by a Pro Stylist

outfit ideas stylist 12Women have passions – most of those are passion for fashion. We wonder sometimes how the other ladies look incredibly pulled together – their outfits are stunning, simple yet you see that edge, chic, eye-catching. Sometimes, you want to be just like them. You take inspiration from famous people but you feel like there’s something missing.

But if you want, we have excellent tips on how to look like you’ve been styled by a professional stylist. It’s pretty simple – you don’t even need to spend even a penny for it.


outfit ideas stylist 1Pair a cropped top with a midi skirt and strappy sandals for that instant chic look.


outfit ideas stylist 2Roll up your jeans by the hem. They already give that casual look and in order for your look to be instantly upgraded into another level, you need to cuff ‘em up. It’s supposed to give a sort of street style look.


outfit ideas stylist 3Never underestimate the power of blazers. They can make or break your outfit, but mostly make it. Blazers will give your look that polished look it deserves but is still pretty stylish. Invest in great quality pieces.


outfit ideas stylist 4If you have a tee you’re bored of wearing with your jeans or shorts, you can pair it with a printed skirt. Not only will it look pretty fun, but also it’s a whole new level of styling your plain old tee. Pair yours with a pencil skirt and caged high heels for that sexy, feminine vibe. You can tuck it in or partially tuck it in. sometimes, tucking it in can make you look like an uptight old lady or a 3-year old kid. Try experimenting which looks great for your outfit.


outfit ideas stylist 5Prints on prints is still a thing – but instead of the usual floral on floral, try geometric patterns on geometric patterns for a more unique look. You don’t see that quite often. Choose them in different colors for your top and bottom.


outfit ideas stylist 6Simply style your plain black top with a midi a-line skirt and high heels or even trainers to give your look a more casual look.


outfit ideas stylist 7Tights are awesome. Whether it’s sheer or solid-colored, you should have one in your closet. Not only will it keep your legs warm, but sometimes you just feel like your outfit needs that.


outfit ideas stylist 8Have you seen famous bloggers and personalities drape a jacket over their shoulder? Well, it’s certainly a thing. It will give your look a sophisticated and dressy vibe. You can also work with a blazer or whatever floats your boat for the day.


outfit ideas stylist 9Some button downs, especially old ones, tend to look dull and boring. Simply amp up the look by knotting them together to give your outfit that kind of retro vibe. Remember? That’s what they used to do in the 70s. Knotting your old button down can also give an illusion of a tighter fit, which will show off your curves instantly. Well, who doesn’t want that?


outfit ideas stylist 10Oversized outer wears can make you look like you’ve been swallowed wholly. You can throw it on top of your outfit but wear a belt around it. It will not give the illusion of yourself having a heavy figure and will also keep your coat in place.