Outfit Ideas for Yoga

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Happy international Yoga Day!

Yoga is such a relaxing exercise. It makes you put yourself in a more meditative and lighter self. If you’ve wanted to try yoga for quite some time now, you’re going to need the basics – equipment and the right outfit. You can’t just wear jeans or denim shorts to yoga. You need to feel super comfortable in it, like you’re not wearing something at all.

Here are some tips on how to choose the perfect yoga wear and outfit ideas.


yoga outfit ideas 1There are actually a lot of yoga clothes for women which you can find online. Yoga clothes should be something that will provide you with freedom of movement without restrictions.


yoga outfit ideas 2These days, many fabrics used for yoga clothes are materials made to wick moisture away from your skin leaving it feeling dry.


yoga outfit ideas 3This will help keep your body cool while you’re at your yoga class and the sweat-proof outfit can make your exercise a whole lot easier and enjoyable.


yoga outfit ideas 4Don’t wear anything that’s made of cotton since they can feel heavy, especially if you’re a beginner. As a newbie of this exercise, you need to wear the proper outfits. Clothing that is a bit heavy and uncomfortable should definitely be avoided.


yoga outfit ideas 5You can also wear bras, but don’t wear those that have seams or fastenings. When lying down on the mat, the fastening of your bra could feel uncomfortable, making you lose your concentration.


yoga outfit ideas 6There is a bunch of sports bra or yoga bra intended for this exercise. Also, very stylish cutout bras and those with multiple straps and linings are pretty cute, perfect for your exercise class.


yoga outfit ideas 7You’re going to need a jacket, a hoodie or a cropped cardigan to keep your body temperature maintained during warm up exercises. If you feel a little hot, you can easily remove it.


yoga outfit ideas 8Yoga pants come in so many patterns and colors. Wearing full-length trousers that are slightly loose is one way article of clothing you can wear for the exercise. Also, leggings or Capri trousers are also perfect for yoga. The best trousers to wear are one with a stretchable waist band.


yoga outfit ideas 9It totally depends on you if you want to practice yoga barefoot or in socks. There are yoga and Pilates socks available in different colors and styles – half toe or full toe choices. These are designed in anti-slip soles so you wouldn’t slip and fall and will help with balance when doing poses.

yoga outfit ideas 10Avoid any type of jewelry, except maybe your earrings, your simple chain necklace and some rings. Headbands and hair scrunchies will help keep your hair in place while performing yoga poses.