Outerwear Trends to Try Out this Winter

trendy winter coat women 10Is it just me or do people tend to lose focus on fashion during winter? Some would even think “It’s going to be extremely cold outside, so I’ll just bundle myself in everything. Why even bother?”

Don’t worry. This article is all about that – keeping comfortable while looking fabulous. Get excited because your winter wardrobe is going to have a major style update.


trendy winter coat women 1Leopard Print
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This winter, one print that is on trend and will most likely make you stand out is leopard. It doesn’t have any major changes, just the usual color of the leopard. Wear your leopard coat for winter to achieve an effortlessly stylish look.


trendy winter coat women 2Vinyl Raincoat
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When it’s a bit cold and damp, a great outerwear to sport for the day is a vinyl raincoat. It’s extremely bold and statement-making, you can even wear this under your comfiest pants and shirt and nobody would judge you – or maybe just your fantastic fashion choices.


trendy winter coat women 3Cape
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A nod to the 60s and 70s, capes are great for doing a shout out to throwback look and an elegant way to do it.


trendy winter coat women 4Shearling
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This is great for those who live in seriously cold weather places with a lot of snow. You will feel super cozy and warm in a winter shearling coat.


trendy winter coat women 5Houndstooth
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It’s a pretty classic print that oozes elegance and stylishness without being over-the-top.


trendy winter coat women 6Wrap Coat
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Every woman needs at least one wrap coat in her wardrobe. It’s a day to night essential.


trendy winter coat women 7Military-Style Jacket
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It’s a nice and cool way to stay warm in this color. Military-style has been around since a couple of years and is getting bigger and bigger every year.


trendy winter coat women 8Black and White
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Anything black and white in geometric shape is a sure way to look super cool and fashionable for the season.


trendy winter coat women 9Punk Inspired
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A not to the 80s and it’s making a huge comeback. Punk-inspired is such a huge trend right now so don’t miss the opportunity of wearing one this season.