Office Outfit Ideas and Tips for Men

Just starting out in the office? Why don’t you start dressing for the position that you’d like to have in a couple of years?

They said that some men, when they go shopping, have the tendency to go to the guy who looks so trendy and hip in the store. Well, that’s absolutely the wrong thing to do. You should go to the oldest guy inside the store, especially when you’re there to purchase a suit. Old men know how things should fit.

It’s important to not over think it and just keep it all simple. Comfort is completely vital.

And just because you’re a man, doesn’t mean you can throw in whatever you found at the bottom of your closet prior to leaving the house. You must care at least a little bit. If you do that, you will end up looking good.


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Having a navy suit will make you look serious and sharp because navy gives the illusion a two-button suit is always the right choice when you’re in a corporate and formal workplace.

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Having a crisp white shirt in your closet is an important must. It never goes out of style and it matches everything.

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Stick to ties that are solid colors or with minimal designs like stripes or dots, textures that are either knits or silks.

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While silks and knits are appropriate inside the boardroom, try out other tie textures like denim, wool/cotton blend and linen. These can be worn everywhere and isn’t too formal.

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Pastel button-downs with collar tips are the most formal of casual shirts and the most casual of dress shirts. Look for a slim fit and always tuck it in.

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When buying a button down, go for a shirt that has “wrinkle-free” and “no-iron” on the label.

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Go for shoes that are comfortable. Find a pair that has rubber soles because it has more flexibility. Shoes really make the man.

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Maximize your suit by pairing it with a denim jacket or denim pants.

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Wearing a pique polo shirt can minimize the formal look and make it less corporate. Wear your shirt untucked, but not more than a few inches below your belt.

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Adding a pop of color to your entire look is the easiest way to add personality to your neutral outfit.

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Invest in a bag that you can carry for years. A gray-colored bag is sleek and classy, also goes with brown, navy and black, while a brown-colored bag gives out a vintage and classic feel to your look.

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To find the perfect fit of your button up shirt, one finger should fit between your neck and shirt.

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The sleeves of your jacket shouldn’t hit past your wrist.

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If you’re working in a more casual environment, make sure to continue to dress appropriately.

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This look is perfect for casual Fridays. Trainers are one of the comfiest shoes you can ever wear. Forget about dress shoes even for just a while.

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Going to a brunch meeting? This look is perfect for the event. It’s not too formal and not too casual and the contrast of blue and brown is stunning.