Off-Season Fashionable Beach Outfit Ideas

The beach is a huge draw. And the sea isn’t the only attraction. You could play so many games on the yellow or white strip, or just laze around, relax, and get that gorgeous tan. In fact, there are people who will hit the beach round the year, except for when it is snowing. There are those who will go there even on the hot days. They will find a shady corner and settle down there for the day.

Choosing a cool swimsuit is not the only requisite for your beach outfit. There are many others to think off too. Here is a post to give you some fashion inspirations if you are stumped for what to wear to the beach next time.

Poly Cotton Blend

poly cotton

In the summer, you will probably completely rely on the cool fabric, cotton. But a poly cotton blend fabric can be a good option too. Even synthetics would work, provided you are not hitting the beach at noon. Do not go for very thick material, as it can be too hot and uncomfortable.

Keep It Short


Take this as a thumb rule. Carry a pair of shorts or capri that ends just above or below the knee. You will never be comfortable in full-length outfits, and hey, it’s the beach, even if you don’t want that tan or don’t want to get into the water. The win-win combination is a pair of shorts with a casual top. There are many stunning tops and shorts you can wear. Of course you can always wear the bikini or swimsuit as well.

The Beach Maxi Dress

beach maxi dress

The maxi fashion is quite a rage these days. And it’s certainly one of the most fabulous beach outfits to go for. Whether it’s a floral printed to bring down the spring feel or the summer bold stripes, you will anyway rock the look when pair it with a huge brim hat.

Hats On

beach hat

Wearing the hat at the beach is a bright idea. It protects your head from the sun and the skin of your face too. It protects you from ugly tanning. After spending 3o minutes at the waterfront, you’ll soon experience the harsh sun. If you want to doze off, just take it off and keep aside.

Covering Up With Kaftan

kaftan beach

The Kaftan isn’t just a Moroccan or a traditional Asian outfit. It has become popular in the west. Even Kim kardashian is often seen wearing it. Take your kaftan along when you are going to the beach. You can use it to cover-up your swimsuit if you need to. This will help you keep up the mystery till you unleash your fabulous body. It is a fashionable way to cover up your body.

Do Not Overdo the Accessories

beach accessories

Less is always more when it comes to beach accessories. Apart from your hat and tote bag, the two other things you should care about include your sunglasses and flats. Grecian sandals are never out of style when it comes to beach fashion.