Normcore Outfit Ideas

normcore outfit ideas 11Wikipedia explains that Normcore is “a unisex fashion trend characterized by unpretentious, average-looking clothing”. The term normcore started becoming a trend since early 2014 and it just went viral ever since. This type of style is all about white sneakers, sweaters, pleated pants, skirts, something that is stylized blandness. Is normcore the dawn of new edge?


normcore outfit ideas 1Normcore is a mixture of the words “normal” and “hardcore”.


normcore outfit ideas 2They said that the trend is “a desire to be blank”.


normcore outfit ideas 3This trend is not for those who like to wear trendy and popular clothing.


normcore outfit ideas 4The style is all about the kind what a dad would wear, often associated with Jerry Seinfeld with a mixture of Cooper Union student and William Gibson glasses.


normcore outfit ideas 5It caught on the American Apparel hipsters. Then the style hit fashion weeks.


normcore outfit ideas 6Think of normcore as a style that would suit an uncool dad with a mixture of hipster culture and a bit of reference from the 70s and 80s.


normcore outfit ideas 7One should be interested in this kind of fashion, especially if you hate mainstream fashion.


normcore outfit ideas 8You will have a choice of wearing plain and simple clothes then having that one piece of clothing that will instantly upgrade your look. That way, you wouldn’t look like an “uncool dad”.


normcore outfit ideas 9To pull off the normcore style, avoid wearing print-clashing, crazy shades and poses that are too artificial.


normcore outfit ideas 10To sum up this post in two words – dress boringly.