Non-Basic Essentials You Need in Your Wardrobe

non basic essentials 9
We know what you’re thinking… “So why do we need it if it isn’t basic?”

That’s because while the basics will always have a place in our wardrobe, the non-basics are mostly attention-grabbers. They will nicely add some spark and flair and just that your closet might badly need.

It’s always nice to add humor, color, life and whimsical magic into our outfits. So if you want to make a true feast out of your wardrobe, here are some non-basic wardrobe essentials for you.


non basic essentials 1Quirky purse or wallet
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Well, it’s definitely a bit unusual but hey, there’s no joy than taking this fun-looking thing when you need to pay for something. Playful pieces like these are really important to liven up an otherwise boring look and wardrobe.


non basic essentials 2Retro or Vintage Inspired Sweater
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While they’re not the most practical when you live in warm locations, we’ve seen so many of these prints in runways that reminded us of wallpapers from decades ago. Try it out if you want to add some life into your wardrobe and also, a great way to get a hold of these types of retro things is by heading to thrift stores.


non basic essentials 3Statement Sparkly Outerwear
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You could find so many sparkly numbers and while it’s common for some, if you don’t have something like this in your wardrobe yet, you better purchase one now. The more sparkly, the better. If it’s possible, get yourself a sparkly coat. One that’s totally long and totally in-your-face.


non basic essentials 4Statement Necklace
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Some women need it, some women don’t. Statement accessories will make your life easier, especially when you want to put effort into your look without exerting that much force.


non basic essentials 5International Klein Blue
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Whether you go with a hat or wrap a scarf on your head, having the fashion industry’s favorite blue – Yves Klein Blue – will make your day so much better.


non basic essentials 6Pop-Culture-Inspired Pieces
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It doesn’t really matter what kind of piece it is, whether it’s a bag, a shirt or your earrings. Bottom line is that you need something like this in your wardrobe even if you only use it once in a while.


non basic essentials 7Anything Pastel or Candy-Colored
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You need something fresh, soft and light in your wardrobe and incorporating anything pastel or candy-colored is the way to go.