Must Have Plus Size White Pieces for the Spring

White always looks good in the spring. Every season, it’s good to have something that makes you kind of crazy, and the rocking white can be the perfect choice this time. So make sure that you have a few white dresses in your closet this spring. Every fashionista needs to have quite a few of them.

plus size white spring dresses

However, plus size women sometimes tend to shy away from whites. This seems to be one of those things and trends that we shy away from. But they can look great in white outfits too. With the advancements in style, design, and quality, plus size fashion has come a long way. This is evident in the options that we have to play in for the spring season!

white tie wrap dress

Think about it! We have heavier weights that drape over the curves nicely, innovative fabric blends that let our curves breathe a bit better, and to top it all off, it is fashionable and forward. The FFFWeek White Cruise might have something to do with this too.

plus size white jumpsuit

There is something sharp, elegant, edgy, playful, and bold about a fly head to toe white look. Well, maybe not to the toe, it might be a bit more difficult to find that perfect white shoe. But who knows!

plus size white bodycon

Here are some of the favorite plus-size white dresses for the spring. Check them out.

The Maxi Dress
The Bikini
The Crochet/Lace Number
The Edgy Sleeveless Number
The Jumpsuit
The BodyCon x2
The Wide Leg Pants x2
The Crisp Button Up
The Caped Number
The Cropped Top x2
The Wrap Dress

Tips for Rocking White

It is all about your foundations first. Your bra and chonie color combination is the key. Think nude to you colors or hues that do not contrast so much to your complexion.

plus size white maxi dress

Shapewear (if you choose to indulge) is one of the wardrobe staples, especially if you wear pants or a fitted body con number. Think about shaping panties, slips, and high waist shaper shorts as a few of the options you can play in!

plus size white jumpsuit

You must always pay attention to the quality of the fabric and construction. Does the item hang and drape your curves? Does it turn see-through once you are wearing the outfit? Is it lined? How are the seams? You will want to consider these things always.

plus size white sleeveless blouse

When wearing white, but do not go about your day as if you are wearing white. That’s because, if you do, you will constantly be over compensating, tugging and pulling, and can inevitably cause something to happen to dirty yourself! You know what I mean?

Rocking white may sound scary, but the more you do it, the easier it is going to become. So don’t worry about it. You are surely going to look rocking in your white outfit this spring. Try it and see the difference.