Most Stylish Celebrity Dads

most stylish celebrity dads 12Whether it is casual wear or a sleek formal wear, these celebrity daddies can rock whatever latest trend that there’s no need for a stylist to make them look dapper. Here’s a late Father’s Day post for our 10 most stylish celeb dads and to all the dads out there as well.


most stylish celebrity dads 1Brad Pitt is number one on our list since he’s been a hunk all his life. Having six children with Angelina Jolie, it looks like Brad here hasn’t even aged. He’s looking hotter than ever and his fashion sense is seriously on fleek.


most stylish celebrity dads 2David Beckham – first thing that comes to our mind when we hear the name is “most stylish daddy”. What else can we say about Becks style? He can easily make any plain outfit look outstanding. He could wear the ugliest pair of trousers and people will still buy those and will praise him for it.


most stylish celebrity dads 3Rolling Stones front man Mick Jagger is not only one of the UK’s most successful rock music exports – he also is a fashion icon since his rise to fame until now. Mick continues to wear all sorts of fancy and stylish clothes when he attends special events or even in casual wear as he shops.


most stylish celebrity dads 4RnB singer Usher is on this list because he’s one of those RnB stars who doesn’t wear anything too over-the-top. When he’s attending formal events, he wears formal – the proper formal. When he’s not doing anything too serious, we see him in comfortable casual clothes like a shirt layered over a checkered top, denim jeans and sneakers or Timberland boots.


most stylish celebrity dads 5Kanye West wouldn’t have a fashion empire if he himself isn’t into fashion or doesn’t care about the clothes he wears. He, Kim and their daughter North are always so fashionable when we see them out and about and it’s no surprise, really. He looks great in chunky layers and sharp textures.


most stylish celebrity dads 6Chris Hemsworth is a father of three. He’s one of the sexiest actors who have an outstanding sense of style.


most stylish celebrity dads 7The coolest punk family – Gwen Stefani, Gavin Rossdale, their sons Kingston, Zuma and Apollo and their daughter Daisy – are all about modern funky outfits and fearless hairstyles. Gavin Rossdale’s fashion is simply so laidback and cool with a bit of punk floating around his aura.


most stylish celebrity dads 8Magic Mike star Channing Tatum is not just one of the most stylish but also the most desirable. He looks like a dream, especially in formalwear.


most stylish celebrity dads 9Steve McQueen wasn’t crowned the “King of Cool” by the Hollywood industry for nothing. His anti-hero persona made him a top box-office draw of the 60s and 70s. his fashion style was a mixture of cool classic and edgy and from the photos we’ve seen online and his movies, McQueen’s outfits looks to be so modern that mostly are now worn by men. Maybe he pioneered that type of style, we’re not so sure. Either way, he was a great fashion icon and a great dad.


most stylish celebrity dads 10Matt Bomer simply has the swagger that carries his dandy self right to the core.