Modest Outfit Ideas for Church

I know there were times we wondered why we don’t wear shorts or flip flops to church, and when we did, we got all these stares of disgust from churchgoers as you seat a few rows from them.

Back in biblical times, men and women wore these cloaks that are robe-like and loose, fastened by a sash, a long piece of cloth with holes for arms and head made of leather or haircloth which was worn under the cloak. They wore sandals as footwear.

Their church attires were so much different from what we wear today.

Here are a couple of church outfit ideas that are simple and stylish yet modest and conservative and some guides on what not to wear for service.


church outfit ideas 1

No need to show off those long legs of yours in church because nobody wants to see it. You’re not going to church for as a Victoria’s Secret model so it’s important to wear skirts that are long enough without flashing people when you sit down.

church outfit ideas 2

Don’t wear anything that’s clear or transparent. You can wear tank tops, tubes and undershirts for that.

church outfit ideas 3

Never ever show cleavage. Save it for when you’re out at a club partying like crazy.

church outfit ideas 4

It’s expected for women to wear a dress or a nice skirt during services. If you’re all out of skirt for that particular Sunday mass and it is quite cold, you can wear pants; just make sure that they’re dark-colored.

church outfit ideas 5

Don’t forget that there are different churches and some churches would require a woman to wear longer skirts, like a midi skirt or a maxi skirt, ankle length or calf length.

church outfit ideas 6

But Catholic and Protestant churches are more tolerant and would just request for you to wear skirts that cover your knee.

church outfit ideas 7

Wear something presentable and not just some old ratty shirt found lying around your closet.

church outfit ideas 8

Collared blouses and shirts are allowed but not required. Turtlenecks are acceptable as well, especially when the weather is cold.

church outfit ideas 9

It’s also important to do some research about the church before attending a service. Some churches require women to wear something to cover their head, like a hat, scarf, shawl or a nice piece of fabric.

church outfit ideas 10

Use simple accessories to church. Nothing flashy. Don’t wear sunglasses inside the service. Keep your hair neat and tidy.

church outfit ideas 11

You’re make up should not be overdone. You are there to worship and not flash your avant garde make up skills.

church outfit ideas 12

No heavy perfume. Too much fragrance can make it hard to breathe when you’re near the pews.

Always remember that God is not astonished with how good-looking you look on the outside like your make up and clothes but how beautiful you are on the inside, your adornment with good works and faithfulness.

In all areas of our lives, we should present our God our best, our “Sunday Best” and not what we wear every day.

It’s very important to dress appropriately for church. We shouldn’t wear something eye-catching and loud that we bring attention to ourselves.

If you can go to out to dinner or your friend’s house and dress up for it, when couldn’t you dress up to visit the house of God?