Mixing and Matching Prints without Clashing – Fashionable Tips for Women

mix match prints 12Step up your fashion status and make a fashion statement by mixing patterns. Go daring and be proud of your boldness by following these simple tips and tricks on how to mix patterns without clashing.


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Go monochromatic by matching your favorite black top with a black and white printed harem pants. Usually, you would pair your dark top with navy or black pants but with this easy start to mixing prints without clashing, this will be definitely easy to pull off.


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It’s easy to incorporate leopard print into your look because it’s pretty neutral. You can wear it with whatever you want. For the office, wear a leopard blazer to go with your button up and slim-fit trousers or a striped shirt and leopard skirt. You can also pair your leopard jacket with printed pants.


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Mix two prints with a common color even though they don’t have the same prints. What’s important is the dominant color of each article of clothing should be the same.


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If two prints are okay, what do you think of adding a third print? When leopard is neutral, monochromatic prints are neutral too. So don’t worry about adding them to other patterns because they’ll look great.


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Mix prints in different sizes like mixing a large print with smaller prints. It’s one of the easiest ways to incorporate prints into your look.


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Don’t mix two small prints together. Mixing both could be hard on the eyes so avoid putting them together. Instead go with a small print and a large print since it’s more flattering.


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Adding accessories to your outfit is an easy way to mix patters. You can carry printed shoes, printed coat, even a printed bag.


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