Mesmerizing Examples Of Long Gowns

To ensure that you’re styling your long gown in the most stylish way possible, below are some mesmerizing examples of long gowns and a quick guide on how to look the loveliest.

Whether you’re heading to a prom, homecoming, wedding or a black-tie event, these tips are surely helpful for your next formal affair.

Being open-minded on your choice of long gown.

long gown women

Be open and try new things. We have heard so many ladies having a style in mind while shopping then ended up picking a totally different style. If you think that you would look great in a long formal gown style you didn’t even think about. The occasion is special so the dress should also be super special.

Choose a sophisticated color and steer clear of brights.

long gown women

Neon is clearly not an elegant color- except, some major and big-name designers can make neon look elegant. While Chanel, Valentino and Moschino can do all those, the long evening gown you see at the mall clearly can’t make it look classy. When it comes to long gowns in formal events, bright colors is pretty difficult to pull off. So don’t even think about it.

Don’t forget to set a budget.

long gown women

Long gowns range from $50 to $5000 which usually depends on the dress’ exclusiveness. If you want something that’s bargain, go dress shopping months in advance or in off-peak season. That means, before homecoming season, prom season, wedding season and etc. Also, make sure to have extra money for accessories.

Think about your undergarments as well.

long gown women

For example, if you’re wearing a figure-hugging long gown, make sure there’s no visible panty lines in there. If you’re a C cup or larger, avoid backless dresses. Always look at yourself from all different angles- side, front, back. And if there are no creases, no lines and it’s just smooth and all beautiful, then you found your dress.

Determine your body shape.
long gown women

Assess your style. Long gowns come in so many designs like strapless, halter, backless and it’s important that you know the shape of your body so you will know which dress flatters your figure.

Nude color is the way to go.

long gown women

When the sheer panels are thin and easily matches your skin tone, then it will totally work on you. Mesh panels can be awesome when smoothing those exposed parts of your skin that cutouts and some sexy long gowns often leave visible.

One size doesn’t fit all.

long gown women

Make sure you buy long dress a few weeks before the event so you can make the important alterations. The tailor can do so many wonders. You’ll surely look eye-catching in this long sleeve lace gown.

When needed, consider buying a body shaper.

long gown women

Cheat your way to the event by purchasing body shapers. It will smoothen lumps and bumps around the tummy, thighs and arms. Even Hollywood celebrities aren’t perfect that they bought this.

Cutouts are sophisticated also.

long gown women

While cutouts can be sexy, some can be unflattering when done the wrong way. It can make your expensive dress look so trashy. Make sure to choose a dress that has cutouts placed above your natural waist or even at it. However, high slits and low backs are considered classy too, even if they go beyond natural waist.

Keep up with the latest fashion trends.

long gown women

Style changes in a blink of an eye that so many women have a hard time keeping up. So if you want to wear your formal long sleeve evening gown more than once, then stick to simple and solid-colored designs. They’re easier to mix and match, creating so many different gown-outfits.

Don’t forget to add accessories to your long formal gown that will definitely make you one of the most fashionable ladies at the event.¬†Simplicity is key- especially with your makeup and hairstyle as well.

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