Men’s Guide to Wearing Beanies

beanie 10Beanies, dome-toasters, skullies – whatever you want to call it, these winter hats aren’t just protection for your brain and ears. They’re a fashion statement of many men. Did you know that it can be a finishing touch to a suit or something that men would grab on the way to places like the gym?

Want to know how to wear this essential head gear? There might be some rules you need to know when wearing the beanie.


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It needs to match your suit. Let’s say your suit is navy or gray. Don’t choose a cobalt blue beanie to go with them. If most of your suits are neutral-colored, you should invest in neutral-colored beanies as well.


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Aside from matching it to your suits for work, you should also match your beanie to your weekend look. It doesn’t necessarily mean you need to match it as it. If you stick to basic and neutral colors, then you’ll be fine.


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The beanie should be covering your ears. Do not tuck it at the back of your ear. What’s the point of a beanie if you won’t keep your ears warm?


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One way of looking like you’re a stylish man is by wearing your beanie with a shearling jacket. It just adds more oomph to your look.


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Beanies with wide brim aren’t really beanies. I mean, those are made for ball caps.


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Hoodie over your beanie? That just screams emo. We’re in 2015, not 2005.

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Don’t be afraid of incorporating pom-pom beanies into your look. It won’t look bad at all.


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When you’re wearing neutrals or the classic fall or winter ensemble (e.g. trench coat, moto jacket, etc.), you can get away with wearing sporty beanies.