Men’s Guide to Sporting Suspenders in the Summer

In the world of fashion, wearing suspenders has moved from being purely practical to a fashionable accessory for men. And the great thing is they go with almost every type of outfit. No matter if your a bartender or a Wall Street guy, they look perfect on anyone. Looking for a few ways to sport suspenders to your summer events? Here are three popular occasions to don this accessory along with some styling tips.


More and more weddings are making the move back to a more classical approach to formal wear by electing to incorporating suspenders in the wedding party’s attire. Perhaps it’s because wearing suspenders with formal wear just screams masculinity and pheromones.

For formal occasions such as weddings, it’s best to go with a wide Y-back style suspenders with button on attachments as these styles tend to be more formal. Even in a casual wedding setting, adding suspenders can bring some structure and pull the entire look together. So whether you’re a groomsmen or a guest, consider adding a pair of suspenders to your dapper wedding attire.

Here’s a simple tip: color coordinate your suspenders with the tie that you wear for a cleaner complete look.

mens wedding suspenders

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In many professional environments, formal wear is appropriate. However, much of the time, you can get away with taking your jacket off while you’re sitting at your desk or perusing the office water cooler. Make an impression and maintain your business professional style but wearing suspenders at work.

Charmingly sophisticated, a sharp, dark, minimal suit with suspenders of a matching color is a great way to look like a corporate big shot.

Allow yourself to also wear a few other key accessories like a slim cut tie or a pocket handkerchief. Just remember not to wear a belt with your suspenders and you’re good go!

Suspenders Street Wear

Street Wear

For a more casual look, go with a skinny pair of suspenders. Skinny suspenders are typically worn more as a fashion accessory rather than for their functionality. And since it’s street wear, pretty much anything goes.

One of the chic-est and most polished way to wear suspenders in a casual street wear style is to don a pair of shorts with your suspenders. Perfectly preppy, this summery ensemble will make you look like you just stepped out of a Ralph Lauren catalog. Grab a nice striped pair suspenders and pair them with a navy pant and white button down with the sleeves rolled up.

Showcase your personality by wearing patterned suspenders. Go for that ultra relaxed look by donning a simple tee shirt paired with the classic denim. Break in some patterns like stripes or plaid for more flair.

Suspenders Street Wear 1Are you ready to jump on this truly international trend?