Men’s Essential Styling Tips

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By dressing well, you will be able to give the appearance of being self-assured, eye-catching, polished – making you so easy to hire (when applying for a job) and become any women would want to date.

You don’t need to be jealous of the guy gracing the cover of famous magazines, winning best style and best dressed awards, etc. You want to know his secret? Here are some essential fashion tips that will totally help you dress for any occasion.

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Be true to what kind of person you are and what you actually do. If you’re a basketball player, wear a sporting brand here and there but avoid looking like you just walked off a basketball court.

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When deciding what to wear to school or work, you should try to fit in. You should project that manifests professional, capable, someone who’s conscious of where he is.

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When it comes to formal occasions, never be underdressed. Show your respect to the event by being involved with what you wear. It will give a more approachable and confident vibe.

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It’s always quality over quantity. Buy clothes that are 100% fabrics and not mixed. They will look nicer and sturdier.

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When it comes to networking events or formal dinner meetings, choose darker colors because they’re more classy-looking and are versatile.

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Improve your clothes with comfortable and nice-looking clothing. Here’s an important reminder – if you don’t like it, don’t buy it.

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You should consider your personality when picking up clothing. There’s no need to force yourself to be anything that you’re not. Clothes will show others who and how you are. But don’t wear anything inappropriate or anything, except if you want to sport that look.

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As a man, you should own a black lace-up shoe. They absolutely match everything. EVERYTHING. Get a few slim and pointed pair. Make sure it is good quality.

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If you’re a person who’s quiet and casual, it’s alright to have a simple wardrobe with only the wardrobe basics.

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If you have a dramatic personality and you want to make a statement, make it reflect on your outfits. Just try not to go overboard with it. Pick your statements carefully.

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You should know how and when to wear shorts. Find a pair that will balance your exposed knees and covered thighs.

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Avoid buying small, medium and large – instead, go for slim-fit ones, though it’s okay to play with proportions a bit but it depends on the occasion and your social group. The ideal masculine proportion is tall, wide at the shoulder and narrowed hips. Look at how your body matches up and look for clothes that will hide and accentuate the right parts.

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While prom is over, you’re still going to need a tux. Keep a black jacket and white dress shirt that is slim fit in your closet. Also, don’t forget a bow tie.

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Don’t be cheap when buying accessories especially shoes. They can actually make simple outfits look expensive and stylish.