Men’s Boots Brands that Are Worth Investing In

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Your choice of footwear will have a dramatic change now that it is going to be whole new seasons. We’ve said our goodbyes to canvas and low-top shoes and now, it’s time to embrace the world of sturdy leather footwear – boots that will withstand whatever elements you will be encountering in the coming months.

If you suddenly became brand-conscious of your choice of footwear, below are just some of the best men’s boots that are worth investing in.


men boot brands 1Dr. Martens
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Your collection of boots wouldn’t be complete without this brand. Dr. Martens’ 8-eyelet boot is their specialty. They have been around since more than half a century ago.


men boot brands 2Red Wing
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They make high quality worker boots that have been put through their paces over the years. Many Americans wore Red Wing during the US depression and by the soldiers who battled in two World Wars. Until this day, this American brand continues to maintain legendary worker boots that will provide protection and comfort.


men boot brands 3Clarks
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Many would instantly Clarks’ boots. They have been producing high quality footwear since 1852. Men would purchase their popular desert boot – a design that was inspired for the British Army officers to wear in Egypt.


men boot brands 4Hunter
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Those who goes to festival in Europe, especially Britain, have encountered this pair of boots. Hunter is known for the brands’ rubberized Wellington that served everyone from the British army to farm workers and those who attends Leeds, Reading and Glastonbury.


men boot brands 5R.M.Williams
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The Australian brand was established in 1932. They provide quality craftsmanship and premium materials. One of their specialties are the most coveted Chelsea boots. Every man owns a Chelsea boots and if you were wondering what and where should you get your pair, go for R.M.Williams.


men boot brands 6Fracap
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If you need hiking boots, Italian label Fracap is your best bet. They first created boots for agricultural use in the 80s before the styles were embraced by the Navy and Air Force. In 2002, they’ve switched focus and leaned towards more streetwear-inspired styles. Since then, the m120 is one of the most coveted boots out there.