Men Who Wear Pink Earn More than Those Who Don’t

pink shirts for men 12A lot of men – with high level of masculinity – see pink as some girly color. They refuse to wear pink because of this sad stereotype, arguing that it’s weird for a man to don a pink dress shirt or anything that’s pink.


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Fun fact: researchers claim that men who wear pink shirts earn $1600 a year more than those who don’t.


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Men who wear pink are discovered to be more qualified, more confident and receives a number of compliments from female colleagues than their traditionally beshirted colleagues.


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1500 male office workers claims to discover that one in four men feels more attractive in a pink shirt and those who wear purple or lilac have the most office romances, while blue have the least.


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Cotton USA’s survey claims that men who wear pink shirts are twice as likely to have a Master’s degree as those who prefer white shirts.


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They also claim to have proven that those in the pink are the most green, with pink-shirted among us being the most likely to have a low carbon footprint, with half taking public transport to work.


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Men likes to wear pink just because they want to. Some say it shows confidence in a guy’s personality and that it’s a pretty easy color to match with whatever that is in your wardrobe.


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“Real men wear pink” – wearing pink is a sign that men are comfortable and confident enough about their sexuality and masculinity that they are open to wear a traditionally feminine color.


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Men of any skin tone can wear pink. If you have a darker complexion, choose a pastel or light pink shade and if you have a light complexion, go with a dark pink.


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If you’re not ready to sport a solid pink item of clothing, go with pink accessories like a tie or pocket square instead.


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Pink is a color more men have been embracing recently and it’s encouraging that they are not afraid to experiment. Women digs men who wear pink shirts.