Men Should Have These Fabrics in their Winter Wardrobe

men fabrics 12These are designed to protect you from the elements. When temperature drops, it’s time to put away linen. Instead, swap it for heavyweight fabric options that can pack a chill-beating punch, ensuring that you will never be caught off guard.


men fabrics 1Corduroy
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Corduroy will give your tailoring some texture. It’s a heavy fabric that traps more heat. It’s every man’s favorite fabric since it’s now fashion-forward.


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Find a corduroy jacket with lining for maximum warmth. You can get your hands on quality corduroy jackets without denting your pocket.


men fabrics 3Flannel
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Flannel is a soft fabric that traps air and heat, making it ideal for cold weather.


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It’s the staple winter suit fabric because it’s incredibly cold. But when there’s central heating and public transport that you have to go through every day, choose a lighter fabric for your winter suit.


men fabrics 5Cashmere
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Cashmere is sort off expensive but your investment pays off. It’s more insulating than wool, which means you don’t need a lot of layer to keep yourself warm.


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It also feels nice against your skin since cashmere fibers are super-fine. A scarf is cashmere or a wool-cashmere blend scarf, when you’re budget is tight, will protect your from winter’s worst.


men fabrics 7Gabardine
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Gabardine is durable. Suits that are made of gabardine are hard-wearing and hold their shape which is idea for damp commutes when you want to arrive to the office wrinkle-free.


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You can find blends that are machine washable for days when you can’t avoid puddles.


men fabrics 9Merino Wool
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The next best thing to cashmere is merino. It’s made from the eponymous sheep. The fabric is breathable and absorbent, making it the perfect base layer.


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To regulate your body heat on transitional days, get yourself a merino roll neck. It’s going to be a flattering look on you, as well as on your wallet.