How Men Can Appear Professional at the Business Meeting

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You never get a second chance to make a first impression. In a business meeting, the pressure to look good, as well as deliver a perfect presentation needn’t lead to panic. Follow these tips and make sure you stand out for the right reasons.

business casual

Business casuals: Business casual usually is a combination of classic formals with trendy modern patterns and crop wear pieces. Never forget to add a blazer or even jacket which goes the same for men and women as well. Men can also wear a combination of pants, sweater, and a jacket which is another version of business casual yet leaves you looking professional.

beige suit

Appear neutral – Grey or beige will do it. This can let your personality shine through, although you may also come across as a fence-sitter, keeping your true feelings to yourself – you may say what the client wants to hear, rather than the truth.

dark grey dress

You can also go for dark blue or dark grey to the business meeting. These are the most business-like colors and good for credibility when promoting your business.

formal jacket

Keep a jacket handy. Whenever you wear a jacket, it shows that you’re armed for business. Keep a jacket on the back of your office door or in a dark garment bag in your car in case you’re called to attend an important presentation or an unexpected meeting with a customer or client.

belt matching shoe

Match the belt with your suit or the shoes at the business meeting: You shouldn’t miss anything, or mismatch with your entire look. When choosing a belt go for a color that matches your suit or the color of your shoes.

jacket with shirt

Don’t choose a short-sleeved shirt for under your jacket. When the shirt sleeves aren’t peeking out from the jacket sleeves, it just gives a look of nakedness. And wear an undershirt under your dress shirt; nobody wants to see your shirt sticking to your skin if you perspire!

trouser with jacket

Match trousers to jacket: In business casual, if you are going for the two piece suit, it is the best. However, if you are buying trousers separately make sure it matches the color of your jacket.

classic wrist watch

Wear a classic watch at the business meeting. A stylish leather-banded wrist watch will make a statement when you rest your hands on the meeting table.

leather shoes

Polish your shoes. Leather shoes are a timeless option. Just keep them the same tone or darker than your trousers.

trimmed hair

Keep on top of grooming. Keep your nails clean and hair well trimmed.

missing buttons

Prevent wrinkles and missing buttons. Inspect your clothes regularly and hang or fold your garments immediately after wearing. If you notice a button missing, sew it back on or take it to a seamstress.


Consider khakis: In business casuals, khakis are common for both men and women. It is really ideal to stand out in a meeting. Make sure the khakis are well ironed and wrinkle free.

black socks

Match the socks with your trousers: It goes for both the sexes. Black color socks are versatile and the most common ones. However, you may want to match your sock’s color with the color of your shoes or trousers so that it blends with your entire outfit. You can wear a dark shade of blue as well. Avoid socks that are colored or have flashy patterns or even a white colored one.

button up collared shirt

Shirt for the business meeting: Pressed, button-up collared shirt. White is generally considered the most formal. Don’t wear a polo — you’ll risk looking underdressed in a room full of button-downs and blazers. Always tuck your shirt in, and no, you don’t need to wear a tie. Definitely, do not wear athletic apparel or logo wear (not even your own company’s!).

shirts with vertical pin stripes

Vertical Pinstripes are allowed – Shirts with vertical pinstripes (continuous/broken lines with the width of a pin running vertically through the shirt) can be worn to give some variety to the solid, uniform colors.

bunch up trouser

Trousers shouldn’t bunch up at the ankles – Trousers that bunch up at the ankles are not only a nuisance, owing to their tendency to trip the person wearer while walking, but also gather dust and dirt which soil the trouser. In addition to all these, the bunching of trousers at the ankles resembles the Marine Corps uniforms.

same color trouser and shirt

Same color trousers as of the shirt for your business meeting – Wearing trousers of the same color as the shirt gives an impression of being dressed up in a uniform- more specifically, a military uniform. Try to avoid being dressed up that way; light-colored shorts with dark trousers are fine.

striped trouser

Prints or stripes on trousers – Pinstripes on trousers is a distraction because it gives the visual impression of incomplete lines, especially when worn with a solid-colored shirt without pinstripes. And, when it is worn with pinstripe shirts, it gives the impression of continuous lines that run from the collar of the shirt to the ankles. Hence, they are best avoided.