Maternity Fashion Tips to Be a Stylish Mama

We know you are getting heavy. Your shoes and your clothes are refusing to fit. Heck, someone even had a wardrobe malfunction the other day. These are all the side effects or you can say healthy effects of growing another life inside you!

Growing bigger doesn’t have to mean you will stop dressing up well. There are excellent collections of maternity wear which will make you feel like a pregnant diva. So you don’t have to worry about choices.

Jeans with Bump Bands

jeans with bump band

Your swelling tummy may be difficult to control, but you can surely invest in jeans which have an elastic band (also called the bump band) instead of the normal band. This band will hold your tummy better. Remember, you won’t fit into your pre-pregnancy clothes even after your bump is gone. So you must have spare clothes that will fit after your little angel is born.

Go Skinny

skinny jeans

Did you love wearing your skinny jeans before you were an expecting mama? There is absolutely no reason why you must stop wearing these tight-fitting pants. Did you know that many maternity lines are now making stretchy, super-comfortable skinny jeans and leather leggings that will fit and flaunt your new curves? You should try them.

Empire Waist

empire waist

Empire waist dresses or tops are amazing camouflage material. This particular style can give your body a particular shade and the flaring will also make you stay comfortable. You will be able to hide all that extra weight. And the best thing is that you can keep wearing them till the end of your third trimester.

Stretchy Vest Tops and Cardigans


When you are pregnant, you have to wear clothes that stretch easily. So you have to buy outfits that are two sizes too big. If you don’t want to do that, then you can opt for vests and cardigans that stretch easily. With them, you can cover your baby bump efficiently and can still look chic.

Flared Skirts

flared skirts

The flared skirt balances out your proportions, particularly at the end of the pregnancy when the belly is so big. The belly is less visible as the skirt isn’t high-waisted. Your upper body looks longer too.

Comfortable Shoes


Now this is one area that women keep forgetting about! In addition to your burgeoning body, your feet are also growing at an alarming rate while you are pregnant. This makes it difficult to fit into all those usual ballerinas and sandals. Try things like flip flops that will not only help you walk better, but are also much more comfortable.

There you go! Remember, maternity is the most enjoyable part of being a woman. However, this doesn’t mean you should let fashion take a back seat. These tips should help you dress better at this special time.