Look Stylish in Warm to Hot Weather

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“Ugh! It’s so hot outside!” The thought of even dressing up is nearly impossible. How could you even have the urge to move when you’re already sweating like crazy when you’re just sat down and on your phone? It’s been hot before and it might get hotter soon. With temperature climbing to an intolerable boiling point, we’ve rustled up a couple of outfit ideas to wear that will make you look stylish in this hundred-degree weather. No, sticking ice cubes on inside our hats isn’t acceptable.

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Look for breathable fabrics – these are cotton or linen. Fabrics like these won’t cling to your skin. Leather and silk? Not the right ones at the moment.

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If possible, go sleeveless whenever you can to avoid sweat stains – these are not attractive at all.

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You can easily pull off an outfit even with this scorching weather. It’s all about the statement pieces like colorful hues, asymmetrical hemlines and attention-grabbing accessories. These will give your look a high impact while only exerting 10% to 30% of your effort.
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Flowing and loose-fit garments will actually make you feel cooler than shorts. It’ll promote a lot more air circulation.
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If you’re going to wear a hat, wear a straw one. The most heat escapes in your head.

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Opt for sandals, wedges, sneakers, anything that won’t give you a hard time walking.

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Always bring a hanky and keep it inside your bag or your pocket. It’s for wiping your sweat. Also, carry around a bandana for wetting. If it gets too much, you can always wet the cloth and put it at the back of your neck.

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If you’re planning on tanning, don’t wear jewelry or socks. It’s the last thing you’re going to need seeing visible tan lines on your neck, wrists and feet.

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While black will make you feel hotter, some people still can’t help it. Go incorporate black into your look if the heat is bearable or if it’s just fairly warm.

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If possible, don’t wear makeup when it’s too hot. It’ll just melt easily. But if you really want to wear makeup, try a range of waterproof ones. Always wear sunscreen when you go out and stay out of the sun during 12 noon to 3 in the afternoon. That’s the time the sun is blazing.