Little Things You Can Do to Always Look Professional

One of the most important skills for girls who are constantly under the spotlight is to dress right. No-one likes to be caught short with a ketchup-stained blouse, or a stiletto that’s lost its heel tip. There’s also the psychology behind the matter. If you look untidy or don’t give attention to detail, then the feeling you get could translate into your work.

Here are some little details that will ensure that your closet remains in top condition.

Undo Tacking Stitches

jacket for girls

You know the little stitches that hold pockets together and are criss-crossed on the back flap of a blazer? They always have to be undone so the jacket sits correctly on your body!

Peel Labels off the Soles of your Shoes

shoe for girls

It’s a rookie error that can unfortunately make shoes look cheaper than they are. Use a warm damp cloth (and sometimes a dash of washing up liquid) to remove even the stickiest of labels.

The Correct Hem Length

hem length

It’s important to have hems taken up or let down as required so that you can make the most of your trousers. For maximum wear, and so they don’t look tired out, make sure that they graze about 1 cm above the ground. Also, get them altered when you are wearing the shoes.

Throw Away Those Faded Black Outfits

black outfits

Black is the color that fades the fastest. So check your black items from time to time. Watch out for visible wear caused by the washing machine. Or be extra careful and set aside some of your most important pieces for dry cleaning.

Use a Steamer Instead of an Iron

handheld steamer

A little handheld steamer can work miracles. It’s quickly becoming a favorite among the fashion stylists. The steamer will take up far less space, and you have to put in less effort and time as well as compared to a full ironing board and iron. You are also less likely to damage your clothes as the process is generally softer on fabrics.

Get the Heel Tips Fixed

heel tips

That clacking sound and the possibility that you will skid across pavements should be enough to keep your heels in perfect condition always.

Always Check the Back of Your Outfit

office outfit

You want to look good from all angles. If you are all rumpled and ill-fitting at the back, then it’s never going to look good. We are looking for smooth lines here and something that has interesting detailing on the back is always a welcome surprise.

Take Out the Excess Stuff from Your Handbag


Why carry more than you need to? You can do without this excess burden. Give yourself a break and empty out everything that you don’t need to travel with all the time. And of course, you don’t look very professional if you are carrying a really fat handbag all the time, even if you have an excellent outfit. It’s going to ruin everything for sure.