Lady-Like Styles and Outfit Ideas

classic casual outfit ideas 11This article is all about classic silhouettes and timeless pieces. Check out our wide range of easy classic outfit ideas and lady-like styles perfect for everyday wear.


classic casual outfit ideas 1Aside from the versatile black jacket, there’s nothing wrong with getting yourself a brown one also. A brown jacket is less harsh and less sharp than the black one, perfect for daytime wear.


classic casual outfit ideas 2A pretty pastel maxi dress is also perfect for daytime wear. If you have a cute one like this, incorporate brown pieces into the look instead of dark ones. It’s super girly and relaxed perfect for a sunny weather.


classic casual outfit ideas 3Instead of a solid-colored romper, choose a floral jumpsuit instead. It gives more of a feminine vibe especially when paired with high heels.


classic casual outfit ideas 4Balance out your look with a long and baggy blouse by pairing it with a high slit black skorts. Complete this edgy look with a wide black hat and high heels.


classic casual outfit ideas 5A nude brown suit is essential in every woman’s closet. It can transform any look to suit the event you’re going to, whether it’d be a meeting, a semi-formal event or a casual dinner party.


classic casual outfit ideas 6If you’re going to wear leggings, make sure your top is long enough to cover your behind. When you want to look classy, you need to hide the parts that need to be hidden especially when you’re not off to a party.


classic casual outfit ideas 7Make a statement by layering that’s perfect for the fall and winter. A cape is a must-have especially if you live in a cool climate country.


classic casual outfit ideas 8A bold midi pencil skirt is essential since it will go with whatever top you decide to wear. Invest in a lot of solid-colored skirts instead of printed ones.


classic casual outfit ideas 9Instead of the classic little black dress, get yourself a maxi black dress as well, perfect for formal events. It’s always handy to have one sitting inside your closet just so when an abrupt invite happens to get to you.


classic casual outfit ideas 10We all have nudes, black and white high heels, but not all of us have coral and pastel heels. If you feel like your outfit is boring, you can always choose a pastel or bright pair of heels to wear for the day for instant upgrade.