Labor Day Outfit Ideas for Women

It’s almost time to say goodbye to summer!

Labor Day Weekend is the last hurrah of the season before welcoming the fall. While Labor Day is supposedly about the celebration of the American Labor Movement, most Americans celebrate their annual hard work with rest, relaxation and some barbecue this entire weekend. Soak up every last minute of your summer. No need to stress over on what you’re wearing. Here are a few ideas to have a very stylish Labor Day weekend.


labor day outfit 1

Pair your favorite rompers with flat sandals or ballet flats. Add a floppy fedora and sunglasses to protect your head and face from the sun.


labor day outfit ideaIncorporate a colorful item in your outfit. It will help you look lively and fun.

teal labor day outfit ideaTeal blouse and a patterned flowy skirt for a cool feel during the warm afternoon. Pair it with some brown flats or sandals to match your entire outfit.

jeans labor day outfit ideaFor a comfortable yet trendy look, wear your cropped tank top with your favorite pair of jeans. Add brown or black boots and a hat.

girls labor day outfit ideaNot enough time to come up with a chic outfit? Wear colorful blazers. This will help you effortlessly stylish. You can wear this for Monday brunch.
hipster labor day outfit ideaDon’t be afraid to wear bold-colored trousers. You can top it with a white blouse with minimal prints. You don’t want your entire outfit to clash one another.



classy chic labor day outfit ideaWear this classy yet simple outfit for a night out with your girl friends.

boho style labor day outfit ideaWhite tank top + denim shorts combo is a bit boring. Add a kimono for an instant update. If you’re lounging around your backyard with a couple of friends with some beer, this is a nice look to wear.

labor day outfit idea 2You could never go wrong with a pastel-colored blouse for the weekend. To give it a twist, pair it with printed shorts. This is perfect for when you’re having barbecues during the warm weekend afternoon.