Kawaii Outfit Ideas

kawaii outfit ideas 11

Being kawaii is all about being unique and cute. Kawaii is a Japanese word for “cute”. This style is big in Asia. If you’re into bright colors, anime characters and is very adorable, then this style is for you. Kawaii fashion is the perfect style for those who would want to stand out among others.


kawaii outfit ideas 1To be able to wear the trend easily, keep up with the latest fashion trends from Japanese magazines, the internet and fun blogs just so you could get an idea on this.


kawaii outfit ideas 2You will definitely get side-eyed when you sport this look, but there shouldn’t be a problem with that since it’s what you want. Not caring is important.


kawaii outfit ideas 3The key to achieving the perfect kawaii look is by layering well – whether it would be cute patterns and bright colors. Cute colors on stockings, leggings or tights are pretty big in this trend.


kawaii outfit ideas 4Being kawaii means being cute, and by doing so, you’re going to need or giggle or smile a lot.


kawaii outfit ideas 5You’re going to need to wear unique and interesting pieces. We’re not so sure if you can find some on thrift stores but there is definitely some vintage stuff over there that you’re going to have to tweak just so it would be appropriate for kawaii fashion.


kawaii outfit ideas 6Place cute pins, chains and anything interesting attached to your bag. No need to buy expensive ones, you can definitely get some from your local department store.


kawaii outfit ideas 7When it comes to accessories, choose cute, fuzzy and dazzling pieces.


kawaii outfit ideas 8If you’re going to wear some makeup, it’s best to keep it light. Smoky eyes aren’t kawaii, so maybe a bit of eyeliner and some bright eye shadow for your eyes and pastel pink or coral for your lips.


kawaii outfit ideas 9A cute toy like a teddy bear or a stuffed animal with you that will peep out of your bag.


kawaii outfit ideas 10Don’t just copy outfits you see. You need to tweak it to fit your personality.