Interview Outfit Ideas To Help You Land Your Dream Job

Believe it that fashion is a vital element when you want to land your dream job. Fitting in yet standing out is a challenge. What you should wear to an interview varies by the industry and company you’re applying in.

Obviously you wouldn’t wear a plunging neckline blouse and a micro-mini skirt to your job interview. Some employers don’t even consider those who wear slightly revealing clothes as an outstanding candidate for the position.

A study in England found that bosses find an applicant “unprofessional” if she wore fitted tops and turtlenecks during an interview.

But in the US, almost 70 perfect said that the deal-breaker is by “dressing provocatively”.

Our outfit to an interview is essential regardless of the fact that we like to believe that our credentials and resume speak louder than our conservative gray trousers.

interview outfit idea 2

If you’re applying for a creative job like a writer, an editor, a graphic designer, art director, etc… it’s okay for you to be wearing denim but it must be in a dark color. You can wear accessories that are not too flashy.

interview outfit idea 1

It’s important to wear closed shoes and with at least 3 inches in heels.

You should be comfortable of what you wear and a pantsuit isn’t really necessary.

interview outfit ideas 3

If you’re applying for a job in the corporate industry like real estate, marketing, public relations, etc., you must wear your best fitted blazer. A nice blazer will help dress up anything from plain blouses to boring trousers.

interview outfit ideas 4

Keep your makeup light and fresh, have your hair up in a ponytail or tucked behind your ears, and if possible, don’t wear perfume.

Shoes should closed with three-inch heels.

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If you’re applying in the fashion industry, like a fashion editor, stylist, assistant, designer, etc… make the interviewer notice you in your clothes instead of just your clothes.

interview outfit idea 6

Some applicants make a mistake of wearing fashion-forward, super-trendy and edgy clothes during their interview.

interview outfit idea 7

But what you wear in this industry depends on what exact position you’re being interviewed for.

You should have stylish and sharp accessories, displaying your fine taste in fashion.

interview outfit idea 8

If you’re applying for a finance job like banking, accounting, research analyst, stock analyst, etc… You should wear dark pants suit or a skirt suit.

interview outfit idea 9

You can lighten your look with colored blouses or blazers. Add conservative accessories, if you want.

interview outfit idea 10

Never wear patterned leggings, colorful tights, open-toed shoes, shoes with heels more than 3 inches and sleeveless tops.

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If you’re applying for a tech position like engineer, product manager, IT, coder, etc… don’t tend to overdress for your interview. Some applicants in suits may look like not knowing about the tech industry.

Wearing suits for this type of job position, even if you say the right things,, will make it seem like you’re looking for a different type of environment, making the company re-think if this is the place you’d be working with.

interview outfit ideas 12

You can wear dark denim trousers, dark skirts, simple blouses, a cute button-up or even a basic sweater. You can add accessories as well.

Always remember that the colors blue, gray, black and brown are the safest to wear when meeting someone professional for the first time.

Wearing orange, yellow, neon colors are extremely loud for an interview and should be avoided.