Interview Dresses with Scarves and Outfit Ideas

These interview outfit ideas that include dresses and scarves are not for everyone. You must first do your research about the company you’re applying for. These could be appropriate for those applying in the fashion industry or a creative job.

interview dresses with scarves outfit ideas 1

Wearing wool dresses are very trendy during autumn because they keep you warm. Choose something that has a slim bodice and an a-line silhouette for the skirt section.

This will give your body a more flattering look when you decide to take off your coat before the interview.

Style this grey dress with a houndstooth square shawl in black and white.

To make a layered knot with your scarf:

  1. Pull the scarf around your neck, then make the ends of your scarf hang in the back portion.
  2. Wrap the end around the front, loosen the loop until you feel comfortable.
  3. Cross one end over the other then tie a knot.
  4. The end of your scarf should be hanging down in the front, making it a bit longer than the one behind it. The longer end should be longer and covering the shorter end.
  5. Create a tail in the front by adjusting the first loop so it covers the knot.

interview dresses with scarves outfit ideas 2

Wear a pastel U-neck dress for a very feminine vibe. Top it off with a violet and black check wool or silk scarf. Wrap a cardigan if you want to look more conservative.

As for jewelry, keep it to a minimum—if you have a pair of amethyst earrings, it could go well with your pastel dress. Don’t forget to wear a watch.

interview dresses and scarves outfit ideas 8

Perfect combination of comfort and style is a sleeve drape jersey dress. For a sleek look, pair it with tights and ankle boots and a statement rosebud scarf.

To tie your scarf into a muffler:

  1. Meet the ends of your square scarf to form a triangle.
  2. Meet the ends of your triangle at the back of your neck, making the point towards the center of your body.
  3. Tie the ends at the back.
  4. Let the ends hang down the back or you can bring them around and tuck them under the front triangle.

interview dresses with scarves outfit ideas 3

Incorporate patterned scarves like a leopard and zebra-printed cashmere scarf.

Add a pop of color to your outfit by wearing a neon dress. Wear a solid-colored outerwear to cover up the parts that are needed to be covered during an interview.

Remember that too much skin isn’t interview-appropriate.

These vibrant colors will keep you warm and freshen up your cold weather wardrobe.

interview dresses with scarves outfit ideas 4

For an elegant look, wear a dark-colored fitted bodice dress with an a-line skirt section. Team it with a peacoat and some ankle boots. The look will give a sexy yet chic effect.

Keep yourself warm with a Tartan lambswool scarf.

To knot a loop and tuck scarf:

  1. Find the middle of your chunky scarf and put it in front of your neck. Let the ends of the scarf rest against your back.
  2. Bring the ends of your scarf then back to the front again.
  3. Take both ends of your scarf then tuck and looping them around your neck. Pull them down until you feel comfortable with it.

interview dresses with scarves outfit ideas 5

Go for red, white and blue colors.

Look for a comfy white cotton sleeveless dress that has a square scoop neck and a fitted design with a tonal waistband and a straight-hemmed rear vent. Top it off with a solid red fitted blazer and finish it off with a solid red leather platform pump.

Since you’re already wearing plain and solid items, go for a flower-patterned red scarf for an instant upgrade.

interview dresses with scarves outfit ideas 6

Wear your favorite crochet tunic dress with a royal blue, peaked collar cropped blazer. Add a colorful striped scarf. As for your shoes, wear simple-pointed heels. These are a must have in every girl’s closet. It gives out a clean yet captivating style, perfect for the office or any type of special occasion.

interview dresses with scarves outfit ideas 7

How about a burgundy-colored t-shirt dress? It’s simple and stylish if paired with a knit plaid fringe scarf. Wear a chic sixties-inspired suede boots that is round toe and knee-length for a more fashion-forward look.

Add accessories like a bangle and diamond earrings.

To make an ascot wrap with your scarf:

  1. Place the scarf around your neck and make the ends hang in front.
  2. Fold one end over the other, twice.
  3. During the last fold, bring the end through the loop at your neck.
  4. Spread the top of the knot and front layer of the scarf so it covers the layer underneath.

interview dresses and scarves outfit ideas 9

If you’re one of those who think wearing solid-colored dresses are boring, go ahead and wear a multi-colored dress to your interview. This blue and green dress is perfect with a blue wool peacoat. Add an ocean green scarf to go with your blue and green look.

interview dresses and scarves outfit ideas 10

This tweed dress screams sultry and sophisticated.  It’s perfect for the autumn because of its orange and brown combination. Classic A-line dresses like this give your body a figure-flattering silhouette. Finish it off with a multicolored crochet and mohair blend scarf that has a zigzag design and a grape and khaki suede platform pumps.

A mustard coat will work with this dress. Don’t forget to add a vintage layered necklace and a bangle.

To make a boho loop tie with your scarf:

  1. Look for the middle of your scarf then place it in the center and front of your neck. Toss both ends over your shoulders and rest it on your back.
  2. Pull both ends of the scarf to the front.
  3. Tie both ends loosely.