Internship Outfit Ideas

outfit ideas for internship 11

Is it safe to say that you’ve finally scored your first summer internship? Now all you need is an outfit and some important things you need to bring. You can always ask the HR supervisor or your contact in the company for some tips like dress codes and the materials you should bring with you.

Here are some general tips you need in order for your first day internship is a success


outfit ideas for internship 1For your first day, you should dress a bit formally. It’s the initial step before you get a hang of the environment of the company.


outfit ideas for internship 2One thing you need to remember that there’s no need for wearing too much jewelry and strong perfumes, too revealing clothes or too loud outfits that are pretty distracting.


outfit ideas for internship 3Wear a skirt that isn’t too short, a pair of trousers that aren’t too tight and necklines that isn’t showing your cleavage. You


outfit ideas for internship 4You could never go wrong with a simple yet stylish white top. Wear it with a cute pair of shoes that you can easily and comfortably walk around in and not those 4-inch high heels you’ve been dying to wear.


outfit ideas for internship 5Keep a journal with you to track all of the things you’ve done for the company. It’s an easy way to assess your own performance at work.


outfit ideas for internship 6Bring notepads and a handy pen which are super handy – so that you could instantly take notes of the people you meet. You write down their names and just address them correctly the following day. Your new co-workers will definitely be impressed by your efforts.


outfit ideas for internship 7Also, don’t forget to bring an energy bar or two, just in case you get hungry or you lack energy throughout the day. You can also bring an energy drink.


outfit ideas for internship 8Sometimes, you don’t need to ask what the appropriate outfit to wear is. Just observe what the others are wearing and do the same.


outfit ideas for internship 9Solids are certainly versatile and they can instantly make you look a bit more serious.


outfit ideas for internship 10Mix and match carefully – especially in a business-casual situation.