If You Hate Bikinis, Here are Some Alternative Swimwear

alternatives to a bikini 12Not all women are comfortable with wearing bikinis. Some are super conscious of their body and unless you’re confident of your body, then bikinis are for you. But for those who are plus sized or just doesn’t like bikinis, there are a couple of alternatives to wear to the beach. It might even feel more comfortable for you than with a bikini or swimsuit.


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A swim-dress has the same fabric and materials with the regular swimsuit, but this one has a skirt around the bottom.


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They come in different styles like a halter top, a tank top style or just something that will hide your problem areas.


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A tankini was once a very popular choice than a bikini. It is also available in different styles like halters, spaghetti straps, but this particular swimwear will hide your midriff area.


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Necklines of tankinis vary from v-neck or rounded neck appearance.


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Boy shorts are a sexy alternative for women who wish to hide their bottom half. It also gives out a more relaxed style, giving women comfort and an easy style. They come in so many styles – long, loose and many more.


alternatives to a bikini 8Shop the look hereIt’s much more comfortable and cozy. Super easy to wear and isn’t that tight at all.


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A blouson style swimwear ensemble is a two-piece but is fitted around the waist giving your body a slimmer look. The bottom depends on whether it would be skorts or shorts, whichever you prefer.


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The upper half is somehow similar to a tank top.


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Women these days opt for a one-piece swimsuit than a two-piece. It flatters so many body-types and comes in different styles as well.


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Swim shorts with a shirt is always an option, especially if you’re not comfy with wearing a tank-top styled swimsuit top, just cover yourself up with a tee.