How to Wear: Plunging Neckline

plunging neckline 10We always opt for turtlenecks when we go fall and winter clothes shopping. It’s traditional so why not choose the basic, right?

But what if we tell you that plunging neckline is the next best thing aside from turtleneck tops?
It’s completely opposite, not to mention, the hottest trend for the cold weather. So here are a couple of ways to wear plunging neckline.


plunging neckline 1Plunging Neckline Suit
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Have you seen the models rocking it? Not only is it great for work, but it’s also a great alternative for cocktail dresses and gowns. This is the best thing to wear, depending on time and occasion. You can your suit with a blouse, a tank top or even nothing.


plunging neckline 2Plunging Neckline Oversized Top
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It’s really hard to ignore oversized tops because they’re super comfy. But give your oversized top an update with an oversized top with a plunging neckline this season. It’s still fitting and pretty much will look great with every body type.


plunging neckline 3Plunging Neckline Bodysuit
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If you feel like making a statement, rock a plunging neckline bodysuit. Wait until you see the end result. It’s super sexy and flirty.


plunging neckline 4Plunging Neckline Wrap Dress
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This dress can be a bit forgiving. A wrap dress will make you look hot and feel confident and comfortable.


plunging neckline 5Plunging Neckline LBD
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It’s a show-stopping look. Update your usual style of LBDs by choosing one with a plunging neckline. Style with your high heels, even boots.


plunging neckline 6Plunging Neckline Top
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It doesn’t matter if it has sleeves or none, there are so many ways you can style a plunging neckline type. Wear it with a structured blazer for a smart look, a statement-making jacket and many more.


plunging neckline 7Plunging Neckline Ribbed Dress
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If you’re the kind of woman who likes body-hugging fabric and can show off the curves in her body, then you can definitely rock this one.


plunging neckline 8Plunging Neckline Cotton Dress
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You will definitely get a ten in the sexy meter if you wear this dress, whether it’s for a night out or a party. This isn’t for the faint-hearted.