How to Wear Ankle Length Pants

Ankle-length pants – well-fitting pair with a touch of Lycra in a basic color and cropped just above the ankle are currently the trending look. But the million dollar question is how to wear ankle length pants?

ankle length pants

Yes, ankle length pants do look trendy, but it’s not that easy to pull it off. You can only make your cropped pants work, provided you know how to style them correctly. Both ankle length pants and capris are figure-flattering. Both petite and tall women can wear them. Taller women are sometimes skeptical of wearing them as they are not sure whether the shorter hem lines will complement their slender limbs and if they would look even taller.

ankle length pants

However, these pants are extremely versatile and blend effortlessly with any body type. While petite women can look taller, the taller ones look balanced. They make you look graceful even when styled casually.

ankle length pants for ladies

Here are some styles for the most commonly worn capri or ankle length pants.

High Waisted Cropped Pants

high waisted cropped pants

To get this look, I have picked straight legged ankle pants. While the high waist sits at the navel, the slim legs fall straight. You can pair red pants with a white crepe top. The collar crepe top will make a perfect pairing. Pearl and crystal beads on the collar gives a rich feel to the outfit. Ballerina flats work well for tall or average height girls. You can accessorize your look with a bangle set. Pick a shade to complement your style.

Formal Cropped Pants

formal cropped pants

This is the perfect office wear. Try a slim-fit straight-cut pant with ankle button plackets. It’s a vintage-inspired pant that will make you look awesome. Draped front pockets add some unique elements. Be warned if you are heavy at the bottom then its best to avoid these pants, as the protruding pockets will make you look heavier at the waist area.

You can wear the trouser with a cute red top with short sleeves and plunging neckline. That will create a mix of formal and semi-formal look. Stiletto heels will define your fashion statement. Select the right bag to complete your look. Since its office wear, it is best to go for minimal yet statement-making accessories.

Ankle Length Jeans or Capri

ankle length jeans

This is undoubtedly the most commonly worn ankle length bottom. From teenagers and graduates to busy moms and homemakers, you will find almost every woman having this outfit in her wardrobe. They are the trendiest and they are most comfortable as well. You can wear one for traveling, shopping and even for all those hangouts. If worn properly, they will even become your fashion statement.

ankle length capri

You can go for a capri in washed denim with slim fit legs and quilted patches at the knees, thereby adding some fashion elements to your outfit. You can even pair the capri with a sophisticated cashmere cardigan.