How to: Styling Duster Cardigan for Girls

duster cardigan 9It’s all about long cardigans for this fall. It’s the ultimate comfortable + cozy + stylish way to go for the season. It’s also known as a long-line cardigan, which is characterized by length.

Did you know that any cardigan that hits below the knee is qualified as a “duster”?


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Duster cardigans were popularized a century ago. As time went by, fashion styles were cropped and shortened and now, the long-outerwear look is now back.


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You can wear it with a t-shirt, jeans and ankle boots, or even a crop top and shorts to make things interesting.


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Some are afraid of pulling these off because they might be too short and they may be right. Because you wouldn’t want to look even shorter, right? Instead, go for cropped jackets and cardigans. And if you’re going long, go extremely long. If you’re going short, go extremely short. There’s no in between for women with short heights.


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Duster cardigans are great for layering and it will really look great during fall and winter. For a cute and girly look, try sporting it with a nice fitted top and leggings.


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Another way of wearing it is by wearing it with a loose shirt then tucking it in front of your jeggings for a super comfortable outfit for the day. Add some cute boot socks with your favorite boots then you’re good to go.


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For summer, it would really look great with dresses and rompers because they add some length and some coverage to an otherwise skin-baring outfit.


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Another way is by wearing it with a flannel shirt and a pair of really short shorts or with a bralette, high-waist jeans, sneakers and a wide brim hat for a Tumblr-ish look.


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There are so many ways to wear duster cardigans. These are popular among high school and college girls because it’s a pretty casual outerwear and will instantly upgrade your otherwise slightly simple outfit.