How to Style Your Slip Dress for Spring and Summer

A lot of the fashion trends from the nineties are making a comeback this year. Among them is the slip dress, also known as the nightgown dress by some. Popular with supermodels like Kate Moss and Naomi Campbell back in the day, slip dresses are a must-have for every fashion conscious woman. Aside from the fact that they look incredibly stylish and are in trend, there’s also the fact that these dresses are highly versatile. So there are plenty of ways to style them and create completely different looks with just one dress. Here are a few styling tips and ideas to help you out:

Tie a shirt around your waist – Remember how almost every boy band and popular artist sported the trend of tying a flannel shirt or a denim jacket around their waist in the nineties? You might have followed the fad back then and you probably cringe when you look at old photos now. But the good news is that the trend is back, so it’s the perfect way to style your slip dress and add some edge to it.

knee-length or calf-length slip dressSource: Bedazzles after Dark

You can wear a knee-length or calf-length slip dress with booties or white kicks. Tie a flannel shirt or a lightweight denim shirt around your waist. You’ll instantly look street-ready by finishing off the look with a cross-body bag.

Wear the shirt – Instead of tying it around your waist, you can also wear the shirt over the slip dress. To make this look work, the shirt must be an oversized man’s shirt. This will roughen up the delicate look of the slip dress and create some balance to the entire outfit. If the slip dress is of a solid color, go for stripes and patterns in your shirt so as to add some flair to your whole look.

While you can wear the same shoes (boots or sneakers), flat mule shoes might look great with this outfit. It’s going to create a fun mix of casual and formal, making the look versatile for everyday wear.

Wear a blazer – You can wear the slip dress to work by throwing a fitted blazer over it. As for the shoes, you can wear something like patented leather oxfords that will give the entire outfit a more professional look. For day wear, switch the fitted blazer with an oversized one to create a laid-back, edgy outfit. The idea is to tone down the feminine details of the dress with something that’s a bit more tomboyish.

slip dress with blazerSource: The Zoe Report

There are plenty of footwear options for this from high heels to comfy sneakers. However, the look would work best with minimal boyish sandals for a laid back look. If you’re going for something a little dressier, opt for mule shoes in bold colors that will add some pop to the outfit.

Add a sheer layer – Layering is a fashionista’s best friend. However, the warmer summer months might prevent you from adding clothing layers like sweaters or jackets. So when you feel like your slip dress looks to bland, just throw on a translucent shirtdress or a sheer blouse over it. The lightweight and see-through material will ensure that you stay cool during the warmest of days while still embracing layering.

If your shirtdress and slip dress are of the same color, adding some bright-colored mule shoes might balance out the monochrome. Carry a complementing clutch purse and you’re ready for a fun brunch with the girls.

Wear a biker jacket – A grungy biker jacket over a slip dress is one of the hottest looks this year. It’s the perfect balance between rough and delicate so the look could work for any type of woman. Whether your style is a bit more tomboyish or you like to dress feminine, the biker jacket over slip dress ensemble could be perfect for you.

casual white kicksSource: Left Bank Girl

You can wear casual white kicks with the outfit for day wear. However, the look is perfect for evening wear if you pair it with strappy stilettos. This is an ideal date night outfit for the hot summer months, but you can easily switch to boots as the weather gets colder.

What to avoid – When wearing a slip dress, the outfit itself may look minimal but that doesn’t mean you have to add on some chunky statement jewelry. Minimal accessories look best with a slip dress, so opt for thin strands of necklaces or minimal dangle earrings. A lightweight, summery slip dress doesn’t need more than shoes and a handbag to look gorgeous.

As for layers, it can be easy to go overboard so try to avoid wearing pants underneath the dress unless you’re feeling a bit daring. The layering can go wrong to the extent that you look like you’re wearing a Halloween costume.

You now have a good idea of how to style your slip dress for the spring and summer months. Remember that you can simply wear your slip dress as is, with a pair of sandals or high heels as you wish. These are only ideas to help you create new looks out of one clothing item. Make sure you go for a look that allows you to express yourself.

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