How To Stretch Your Jeans

All of us might have to stretch our denims at some time. But you don’t have to be an expert to know how to do this. The fact is, this can be done quite easily. There are actually two ways you can stretch your jeans. But the easiest way is by wetting it.

jeans stretching

Wet Stretching Jeans

Wet stretching is going to work whether your jeans is too small all over, or just too small in certain areas, such as the waist, thighs or butt. This technique is very easy. All that is needed is some tolerance and patience. Once you know how to do it, you will be able to wear denim that is too small, and one that you had to buy as a bigger size was not available. You can wear the pair only after wet stretching.

There are just 3 simple steps to wet stretching – applying water, wearing and stretching.

Make the denim damp, either all over, or very damp in the areas that you want stretched. This is easy. Just put water on the jeans from the tap. Alternatively, you can use a spray bottle to soak it properly. Make it wet thoroughly.

wet stretching jeans

Now put on your jeans after you have it wet. You will need to wear them around a lot, do lunges and squats, anything you can do to make the denim stretch. Sure enough, it isn’t going to be comfortable. But the technique will work. And it may seem weird as well to an outsider. So it’s best that you do this indoors.

Of course, if your denim is thin and delicate, then you should be very careful when you are doing the squats and lounges. After all, you don’t want to rip the fabric. If you want the waist stretched out, you can pull at it and tug it a lot when it is wet. You may also place small bottles or anything that fits in between the waist of your jeans and your hips, as this helps the denim stretch out more.

jeans wet stretching

This method is going to work best when your denim is 100% cotton or a mix of cotton/elastane jeans. Doing this with poly blends and other materials can be tricky.

Keep wearing the denim till it dries. This will ensure that the jeans will dry around your body instead of shrinking and drying when it’s off your body. After taking it off, you will see that it is a bit bigger than before.

Using a Waistband Extender to Stretch Your Denim

waistband extender

This is the second way of stretching your denim. It isn’t as effective as the first method, but you can try it if the first method seems too weird to you or if you are uncomfortable wearing a wet jeans.

waist band extender

Here, you will have to buy a waistband stretcher and keep in the waistband of your denim. Leave it for a while. Make it stretch generously. Alternatively, you may also use a trouser hanger as a waistband stretcher. Slid the clips to each end positioned inside the waist of your jeans. Button up around it. You will see a lot of pulling.