How To Spring Clean Your Wardrobe

The winter is almost gone. Now is the perfect time to take stock of where your wardrobe is, because you must prepare for the warmer seasons ahead. It’s time for spring cleaning. Follow these simple steps to nix the dead weight of your wardrobe and make way for new-season winners.

Store the Knitwear


You won’t need mounds of knitwear in June even if you live in the extreme North. So unless you are planning to visit the Arctic this summer, it’s time to move those chunky knits, bulky parkas, hiking boots and toasty wool accessories. This will create the much needed room you need for all those warm-weather wear in your wardrobe. But remember to clean them before you store away.

Give Them Away


No matter how savvy a shopper you are, there are bound to be clothing in your wardrobe that has become obsolete, thanks to fashion’s ebbs and flows or hours you have spent wearing them. Now is the time to give them away. Be brutal. If it doesn’t meet storage bag standards, then it should be a one-way ticket to the charity shop.

Bin The Basics


Staples like crew neck tees, boxers and socks are the frontline troops of your wardrobe. They have dutifully put in more hours than any other piece. This is why it is important to take action if they look like they are on their last legs. You should bin any basics that are torn or worn thin, and then replenish the ranks with fresh wares.

Fix Up Your Formalwear


Although the festive party season has gone (and your tux shirt’s got the champagne stains to prove it), you are bound to call on your tailoring collection for a fair-weather wedding in the next few months. There are a few of them every year for most people. Save future stress by having to get a suit dry cleaned in less than an hour. It’s going to cost you much more too. Take it for a professional clean now, and then stow it away safely.



Part of getting off on the right foot this season is making sure your footwear is fighting fit. Start by identifying your go-tos (the shoes and trainers you can’t live without), spruce them up, and clear out any unwanted stragglers. You will finally have the space for new ones. Care is the key with all footwear. If you have recently had a big night out, don’t leave your trainers soiled for days afterwards. Wipe it clean and remove the stains.

Rework Your Classics

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Not every new trend will work for you in the seasons ahead. All of us have made misguided purchases, so don’t worry about it. Re-work your year-round staples, rather than drop big cash on passing fads. Think once more? What works for you? What are the outfits you can be sure of always? Keep the things you need once you have decided. Sometimes, it is good to experiment with new combinations though.