How to Properly Take Good Care of Your Ankle Boots

taking care of womens boots 10Because it’s already fall, it’s finally the perfect time to start wearing your favourite pair of boots just about everywhere you go.

Ankle boots are the most popular style of them all. It manages to look both laid back and cool that it can be worn for casual wear and for fancy dinner parties.

After finding the right pair of boots, especially if they are made of leather, require a lot of care and attention so you can wear them for a couple more years.

Here are some of the things you need to remember if you want to prolong the life of your leather boots.


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Don’t show your shoes in a closet space, especially if it’s just a small space. If you leave them there, in an awkward position, it won’t look like you’re taking care of them.


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If you do that, it will deform your boots, making it look really funny when worn. Try stuffing them with a boot tree, paper or any soft fabric to make them be in an upright position. But don’t over-stuff them. You will know, because it will look like how it is normal and not puffed out.


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Don’t let your boots dry out. Don’t stash them away when they’re damp because it can ruin the original shape of your boots as well as having that funky smell.


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If your boots are wet, you should be careful where you should keep. Store it in a box and make sure there’s no moisture in the box.


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Don’t leave your boots out in direct sunlight. The sun will fade the original color of your boots. Also, don’t forget to close your wardrobe to keep the sunlight out.


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It is normal to wear your boots every day because you love them so much. But try to wear them every other day to avoid fading and scratching. Your luxurious boots can’t be worn like work boots.


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If you know your boots are made of high quality material, you can preserve and prolong it by always using it with a protective spray. Think of it as a skin and the spray as sunscreen.


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At the end of the day, brush off dirt or dust on the boots. If there’s mud or anything stubborn on your boots, clean with a mild soap or detergent diluted with water.