How to Pick the Right Lingerie for Your Body

Shopping for lingerie is fun, but difficult. The colorful frills and fancy fringes will keep you hooked, but you must choose based on your body shape, and that can be a challenge. Have you ever faced a challenge when you had to select an undergarment that will go well with your outfits, and flatter your body shape too?


With lingerie selection, don’t heed by your man’s advice. Pick something that makes you feel graceful and confident, while highlighting your best assets.


Here is a comprehensive guide on how to pick out the right lingerie for your body.

Recognize Your Body Type

body shape

What is your body shape – pear, apple or carrot? Consider all measurements and details when you are trying to find this out. That’s going to help you select lingerie with netting and laces to cover all the right areas of your body.

Choose What to Highlight and to Conceal

lingerie with cleavage

Buying lingerie for a date night? You’ll want to show off some of that cleavage, so pick out a piece that lets you do that. Office wear? You’ll need some comfy lingerie that supports you during the long office hours. Bear in mind to wear what you feel good in.

Try Plenty of Options Before Finalizing

How to pick out the right lingerie for your body? Well, try them on (while wearing a G-string underneath) in the store. Also, keep trying many varieties to get a feel of what feels better. Pay attention to how the cloth feels against your skin and how the lace or other designs appear on you. Drag a girlfriend along so she can check out how you look!

lingerie store

So, now that’s done. You got all the lingerie to go with every outfit. But how do you wear it correctly? And how do you enhance the beauty of your outfit?

Here are a few tips to flatter your body shape with lingerie and also the kind of lingerie to wear with outfits.

Tops, Shirts & T-shirts

molded cup bra

To give a smooth fit wear a molded cup bra. If your top has a wide neckline or is off-shoulder then a demi cup bra is more appropriate. This will hide the straps. For tight tops, choose a seamless bra. Your top is sleeveless like a tank top? Wear a convertible bra.

Dresses & Gowns

Donning a seamless bra with shaped fitting panties will work perfectly under this outfit. The seamless bra will ensure that stitching and designs on the bra don’t show. Try a backless bra for a backless dress.

Now, that the style and type to wear has been established, what about the color?

Here’s how to decide on the color of your bra and panties according to the color of your clothes –

bra colors

Light, white or pale – Skin colored lingerie; will easily blend in with your skin tone.

Dark, black or printed – Any colored lingerie, matching with the color of top.

You may be wondering how your white undergarments won’t go with your white clothes? Try it on and you’ll see. Your white bra will be visible through your white top. That is why, a flesh colored bra is essential!