How to Match Bags and Shoes

You don’t have to buy new clothes always to create a memorable and stylish look. Just a new bag may be enough. However, picking a shoe to match with the bag isn’t easy. You still think the bag and shoes should have the same shade and same texture? Wrong! Today, designers are telling us to be more courageous and imaginative. Yet, a rationale clean and refined taste does not hurt.

matching bags and shoes

Practical Recommendations

Here are some basic rules:

–    Combine different textures. Try matching a pair of leather boots with a suede bag. You will immediately see how your look is more interesting. Or vice versa, suede boots plus a patent leather bag. In a word, put your fantasy into motion!

matching bags and shoes
–    Combine prints with monochrome fabrics. The charm of a bag with a picture of a beautiful flower can disappear instantly if your shoes have the same print. Accentuate the beauty of your bag with red but monochromatic shoes. At the same time, a pair of dainty shoes with flowers or polka dots will look perfect if matched with an appealing monochrome bag. Such bright duo will look very harmonious.

shoes and purse in the same shade
–    Brightness and matte. Choose shoes and purse in the same shade, but made of materials with different textures. For example, match matte shoes and a bag with metallic shade surface. You can match beige or brown shoes and a bag with bronze or golden glitter. A pair of white shoes matches well with a gold handbag.

Essential Information

shoes and purse in the same shade

How to choose the right style of a handbag so that it matches with your shoes or boots? In fact, it is very simple. Just look at the details. You can always distinguish sports shoes from office shoes or from retro style boots, right? The same thing concerns bags: there are sports, feminine, casual, festive, sober and other types of bags. You cannot combine two different styles present in shoes and bags!

Also, look at the shapes and proportions. For example, you can combine a pair of feminine and festive shoes with a bag with round shapes, while office style shoes without decorative elements can be matched with a bag with the same exact geometrical characteristics.

Also remember, warm colors are in harmony only with warm colors, and cold with cold colors.

Buy a few sets to choose a basic set of shoes and bags:

black shoes and black bags

–    Black shoes and black bags;
–    Brown shoes and brown bags;
–    Beige shoes and bags.

beige shoes and beige bags

Types of Bags

– You can match a soft leather bag with any type of footwear and can wear daily.

– Clutch, envelope bag or any small bag can be matched with a feminine and elegant pair of shoes. If you are looking for a bag that will match a pair of stiletto sandals, choose a slim bag or an elegant clutch with a long strap. Stiletto shoes get along well with a wallet purse.

business shoe with bag

– Business shoes look good with a clear shape bag like a rectangular and bulky bag.

– Ankle boots or boots on flat soles match well with messenger bags.

– Textile or straw bag is ideal for going to the beach and walks through the city. This will ideally complement a pair of modern sandals.

– Loafers, canvas shoes or brutal masculine style boots suits sport or travel bags.