How to Make Your Outfit Rock The Show At The Country Music Concert

Going for a country music concert with your gal pals is a lot of fun. Whether you’re seeing Keith Urban, Eric Pasley, or Jason Aldean, there’s one thing you have to keep in mind: your outfit. You don’t want to show up to the concert looking like a fish out of outer, right? Make sure you get into the yeehaw spirit of a country concert with these awesome tips on what to wear to a country concert.

denim at the country music concert

Denim is always a safe bet – Let the weather dictate the length of your jeans but know that in a trusty pair of denim blues, you’ll never go wrong. In the summer I love wearing my daisy duke cutoffs and in the winter I wear my medium blue skinnies. The only caveat to this is to be careful about wearing a miniskirt. Country concerts are all about comfort and often involve climbing in and out of the bed of a pickup (if you’re tailgating). As such, miniskirts often pose several problems. Avoid them if possible.

plaid button down at the country music concert

Plaid button down – Plaid button downs should be a staple in any country-loving girl’s closet! Plaid button downs exude a casual vibe, but you can choose one that is formfitting and figure flattering if you want to look a bit more feminine! Plaid button have the added benefit of being super comfortable and they are generally inexpensive to purchase if you don’t own one yet.

floral print western style button down at the country music concert

Floral print western style button down – Floral print western style button downs are classic tops to wear to a country music concert. The floral print is feminine and cute and looks great when juxtaposed with the more masculine seaming and construction of the classic “western” button down. These types of cowgirl clothing shirts are typically made from a very soft and comfortable fabric so they are perfect tops to wear for a country concert where you will probably be dancing a lot!

chambray shirt dress at the country music concert

Chambray Dress – It’s a special night, and I know a lot of you want to look pretty, so here’s a suggestion. Why not try a Chambray shirt dress? Chambray is a soft washed denim that has been very popular the last couple of years. It’s the perfect match for this type of event. You can wear your chambray dress with bare legs and some cute cowboy booties (woven ones keep you cool) or pair it up with black leggings. That’s fine too.

white jeans at the country music concert

White Jeans and Lace – Here’s another idea for how to dress for a country music concert. If you want to wear jeans, white ones are a fresh way to do country. So long as you are inside or have a real concert seat (and you are not sitting on the ground), this is a good option. White jeans that are long turned up, or cropped paired with a pretty eyelet lace top are summery and slimming. The suede saddle bag adds a rough and ready element, and the turquoise jewelry with its southwest feel gives this outfit character.

hat at the country music concert

Rock a hat – If you’re feeling super “howdy y’all” wait until you arrive at the concert and pick up a cheap cowboy hat. These can often be had outside concerts for around $20 and you will look fabulous. If you’re not quite to that level of country yet, pick up a baseball hat. Wearing a hat that sports your school’s mascot is perfect.

boots at the country music concert

Wear boots – Cowboy boots are of course vastly preferable in the realm of country chic. If you want to go super authentic, snag an awesome pair of Justin or Ariat boots. If you’re not committed enough to the country lifestyle to splurge $200+ on a pair of boots, perfectly respectable options can be found from the likes of Steve Madden. If you just can’t go all pointy-toed embroidered leather on us quite yet, a pair of sturdy brown leather boots will do you just fine. Riding boots work over jeans although they can be tricky with shorts and Frye boots work with just about everything. Heck, you can even rock hiking boots as long as they’re brown.

maxi dress at the country music concert

A Maxi Dress – Country style is sweet and natural. Maxis in flowing fabrics and ruffly cuts suit the mood. An airy slip-style maxi in a small, sweet floral print works well. Another option is an empire waist maxi in a rustic print like this one above. Top your maxi dress off with a faded jean jacket, a soft, unstructured leather or suede purse and cowboy boots.

peasant top at the country music concert

Peasant top – Peasant tops are perfect for country concerts because they are casual and light, but still chic and feminine. There are many styles of peasant tops with varying degrees of embroidery and ornamentation, but one of our favorite styles is a simple white peasant top. White peasant tops are classic and flattering and pair well with many other items in this list!

tank top at the country music concert

Eyelet tank top fashion outfits – Eyelet tank tops are fabulous tops to wear to a country concert because they are a lightweight and flirty. The details on eyelet tank tops are beautiful but understated which makes an eyelet tank top the perfect top to wear to a country concert!

aviator sunglass at the country music concert

Wear aviator sunglasses with denim flare jeans and brown boots to the country music concert. And you absolutely need that cute country belt. The cute ruffle blouse and necklace tops the whole outfit off.

North Face at the country music concert

If it’s cold outside, opt for denim, camouflage or waxed cotton for your jacket. If none of these are in your closet, a fleece (like the ubiquitous North Face) will get the job done. Do your best not to mix plaids. I know that sometimes shows up on the runway but if you show up to a country concert wearing two types of mismatched plaids, chances are you’ll get some funny stares.

denim shorts at the country music concert

Denim shorts – Jean shorts should be a staple in the wardrobe of all girls who like to attend country concerts. Jean shorts are casual in nature, but they are also a great way to show off your legs and tan if you have one and pair well with every type of shirt on this list.

boyfriend jeans at the country music concert

Boyfriend jeans – “Boyfriend” jeans got their name because they are cut in an oversized way, like your boyfriend’s jeans! This style of jean is perfect for girls who want to rock a comfortable and super casual vibe while they enjoy the concert.

green tank top at the country music concert

A look inspired by Footloose. Denim booty shorts, a dark green tank top, and a black vest to accentuate this country style look.

plaid at the country music concert

Plaid – If it’s winter, wear a long-sleeved plaid flannel shirt. If it’s summer, make sure it’s cotton and wear it open in the front with a white or solid-colored tank. Lace-trimmed tanks are perfect although a ribbed white tank always gets the job done. If the weather permits, roll up the sleeves of your shirt to your elbows, making sure the rolls aren’t too crisp or perfect-looking.

long-sleeve sweater dress at the country music concert

During the winter try a multi-stitch long-sleeve sweater dress. This simple dress is as comfy as it’s flattering. The belt cinches in your waist to create a balanced hourglass shape. You will look fantastic at the country music concert.

cardigan at the country music concert

Layer this fun cardigan over the sweater dress for some extra warmth and texture at the country music concert.

skinny jeans at the country music concert

Distressed skinny jeans – Distressed jeans are a great way to show off your personal style (or just make use of a pair of jeans that has started to show the effects of wear and tear!) Distressed jeans have a more casual vibe than regular jeans, but that doesn’t mean that they can’t be cut in a tight and flattering way.

floral skirt at the country music concert

Floral skirt – Floral patterned skirts are a great way to add a burst of color to your country concert outfit. Floral skirts pair very nicely with denim jackets and simple t-shirts. Depending on your footwear preference, you can wear a pair of boots, sandals, or flats that work with your outfit.

long floral dress at the country music concert

Long floral dress – Long floral dresses are amazing for country concerts because they are comfortable and laid back. You can wear this type of dress alone or pair it with a belt. If you think you may get cold, you can bring a jean jacket or a button down shirt to layer over the dress.

natural makeup at the country music concert

Makeup: Natural is Best – When it comes to makeup for a country concert, there’s really no need to get all dolled up. You want to go with a more natural and feminine look. This can be accomplished with lighter shades of lipstick and lip stock (anything pink will do!) and light pink blush that can barely be seen across your cheekbones. And as for eye makeup, keep that simple and natural too. Stick with light colors of eye shadow and minimal eyeliner. Mascara is welcome, of course!

hair at the country music concert

Hair: The Final Piece – The number one style when it comes to hair for country concerts is definitely loose curls. These elegant, loose curls are as feminine and girly as it gets. You could also get by with some waves or tying your hair up into a messy bun or ponytail. If you don’t want to do anything extravagant, feel free to leave your hair silky and straight.