How to Make Your Clothes Last Longer

Dressing can be expensive. But you can make them last longer if you know a few simple clothes-conserving tips. Your wardrobe should go the distance with these tips.

Don’t Wash Your Clothes Too Often


Yes, you will always want to wear the cleanest clothes, but using the washing machine too often is a sure way of reducing your most loved outfits to a pile of scrap. Save your wardrobe, and the planet, with a hefty dose of common sense when choosing what to wash. If it looks and smells clean, it’s probably clean. Yes, gym kits, underwear and that tee you wear while demolishing spaghetti needs to be washed after wear, but jeans and jumpers very rarely need the same treatment after just one outing.

Seal Your Suede

fabric protector

When it comes to crisis management, prevention is always better than cure. So keep your suede stain-free. Apply a light layer of fabric protector before your first wear. Make sure that you maintain safe distance when spraying. Give it a top up every now and then.

Check the Pockets


Rogue tissues, coins and other things can wreak havoc on your clothing if you haven’t filtered out before you begin to wash them. So, before taking your clothes for a spin, be sure to check the pockets for hangers on, zip up trouser flies, loosely tie drawstrings, and close the Velcro fastenings.

Know When to Fold, And When to Hang

hang clothes

Turbo-charging your wardrobe’s longevity needs a wise storage plan. Ignore this and certain items will instantly give away your slovenly stowing habits.

Knitwear can head south when hung, so fold them neatly and keep in a drawer to make sure that they stay good. Plus, you will also be able to ditch those weird hanger marks.

Suits and shirts, on the other hand, should always be hung on natural wood hangers, because this will help maintain shape, relax any creases that have developed and wick away all that moisture soaked up throughout the day.

Separate Colors Always

separate colors

It might be tempting to deploy the one-size-fits-all approach to dealing with your dirty washing and dumping it into the drum in one big bear hug, but it’s almost always bad news for your whites. That’s because, they are sure to soak up any loose dye that runs from surrounding darker garments.

Wash dark colors (black, navy, forest green and such others), light colors (pale yellow, pink, baby blue, heather grey and others) and whites in three separate cycles.

Steam Your Clothes


Ironing isn’t all good news. The heat and pressure of ironing will gradually take its toll over time, wearing fabrics thin. Be kinder to your clothes, and keep them wrinkle-free by investing in a steamer. This is far more effective.

Hang Them Out to Dry


Unless the shirt you’ve just washed is the only one you have, there really is no good reason for drying your clothes in a machine. Hang your clothes and dry naturally to ensure that they’re not over-dried. Over-drying can lead to shrunk or damaged clothing. Hang whites and lighter colors on a line outside, and darker clothes indoors.