How to Look Sexy on the First Date

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The hardest part is finding the right man with whom you want to go out on a date. That settled, you must decide what to wear. How do you give the right impression? Yes, you will want to look sexy, but don’t overdo it. First date impressions are very important. Here are some ideas you could benefit from.

Dress for Your Shape

dress for shape

You know what suits you best, so dig around in your wardrobe for your most flattering outfit. Then, go find an updated version of it. If you aren’t sure, go to a department store and ask them to help you dress for your shape. Try to avoid stereotypical outfits, such as little black dresses, unless you find one that actually makes you look amazing. What you wear is important, so take some time hunting it out.

Don’t Overdress or Under Dress

outfit for first date

Choose an outfit, and make sure that you are not overdressing or under dressing. Don’t go out and buy a whole new outfit. Don’t wear designer brands from head to toe, because guys don’t notice stuff like that. Do not look like you are trying too hard, on the other hand, but don’t look like you are a slob either.

New Underwear


Go buy some new underwear! Find something sexy, in your favorite color, and make sure that it looks amazing. Whether its balconette, cut out, push up, or suspenders, get something that makes you feel sexy. Having sexy underwear is the start of a confident, hot outfit, and will give you a much sexier persona, even if you are the only one who knows you are wearing them.

Wear a Red Dress, Not Red Lipstick

red dress

For a first date, red shows confidence, which is the ultimate aphrodisiac. Plus, red is the color of love and romance, and red is the color of the stop sign too, just in case you need to send that message. And of course, men love the color. It’s visually and mentally stimulating, but that doesn’t mean you need to look like a Valentine’s Day card. A simple red v-neck blouse should be perfect.

Plan It

outfit for first date

Plan your outfit. Try to do things a few days ahead of time. If you are rushing at the last minute you could end up with something that looks good but is uncomfortable. Do a test run beforehand. If you are going to the park, make sure you can sit down comfortably in it.



You don’t want to cover up your looks, but instead accentuate them and give yourself some confidence. Use a high quality moisturizer, and try to avoid foundation and concealer unless you really need them. Then stick to dark eye shadows that highlight the eyes, and a pretty lipgloss. Less is more when it comes to makeup. Try to do more of a natural look, and highlight one feature. If you do very dark eyes, then do very neutral lips. If you do very bright lips, then don’t overdo the eyes.


blow dry hair

Book yourself into your favorite salon, even if it’s just for a blow dry. Ask the stylist for advice on how to do your hair, and pay attention to what they are doing. This will allow you to pick up some tips, and make you feel confident and sexy.