How to Look Fabulous at a One Direction Concert With These Outfits

Deciding what to wear to a concert can be tricky. There are lots of factors to consider, and the wrong choice can leave you feeling awkward and uncomfortable. Your outfit has to be genre-appropriate, stylish of course and practicality is an important factor. Those high heels may look great but will you be able to dance in them all night? If the answer is no, then you may have some outfit revision to do.

One Direction goes on tour quite often, so you will get many opportunities to see them perform, even though Zayn has left. There are many stylish concert outfits you can try for a One Direction concert. Here are some options for you.

Keep comfy in jeans, and stay holiday season perfect with a little bit of velvet.

You could wear something like this. I think a plain but cute skater dress would be appropriate at a 1D concert considering their vibe being semi-casual. I would recommend wearing tights underneath- opaque or translucent and sneakers or brogues. Carry a denim jacket for the nights, as everyone else has suggested. A cute red lip would be in place.

You can also wear a shift dress underneath a varsity jacket and accessorize accordingly at the One Direction. The jacket will protect you when it gets colder.

Looking for something super-trendy with a bit of edge? Give a pair of leather shortalls a go. If you’re daring like Chiara of The Blonde Salad, wear a sporty white bra or crop top underneath and team with a funky pair of shoes. We love sneakers or monk loafers—cute and, more importantly, comfy.

A simple outfit like this is perfect for outdoor music festivals and One Direction concerts in the summer. The breezy skirt keeps her covered yet cool, and a simple top dresses down the look for an effortless vibe. Add a strappy pair of sandals or metallic slip-ons, and don’t forget your carryall bag.

Classic stripes are so versatile that they basically work for any concert, from One Direction to Panic! At the Disco. Those platform shoes are totally making our ’90s-loving hearts sing. Our boy band-loving hearts, too.

Denim tops are a summer staple, they’re also a summer concert staple. Rockin’ this top unbuttoned over a leather look skirt is another way to achieve that excellent edgy look.

Dressing up for a concert is a great time to play with colors and patterns. The striking red and black pattern on a shift dress stands out in a crowd. Swipe on some graphic liquid eyeliner, and toss on a structured wide-brimmed hat for a cool yet effortless vibe. Chunky booties are the perfect finishing touch.

It’s amazing what a plaid shirt tied around your waist can do. This look would be perfect for the One Direction concert.

An all black ensemble is a no-brainer when it comes to concert attire. Swap out the usual black pants and black top for a black midi dress and leather booties. A leather jacket toughens it up a bit.

We’ve been seeing a lot of black trending in concert clothing, so it’s nice to see that splash of red in this outfit. We dare you to be fabulous and switch those pants out for any neon pair.

These printed rompers are real cute and exude just what a sophisticated woman you are. A woman who is brave enough to wear a one-piece outfit to a concert, where, as a teen, you would’ve feared spilling mustard on yourself. In your old age and wisdom, you know how to stop spills before they happen.

Wedge sneakers will give you some height, while also letting you dance all night.

Cop some more of 1D’s style with a blazer, albeit with a girly twist and you are sure to look fabulous at the One Direction concert.

If you’re unsure of what to wear, a 90’s grunge look will, without a doubt, make you look bitchin’ and mega cool. Nothing says 90’s like a plaid shirt and a pair of ripped jeans.

Don’t hesitate to wear something a little more classic. Maybe jeans, a pair of pumps and a touch of color will make you feel comfortable and chic so you’re not worried too about how you’re dressed.

You should pick dress, skirt, jeans or trousers… that go with the style you chose for the shoes. For example, you have boots, pick a pair of leggings or skinny jeans. They are comfortable and create a fashionable look. If you are going to wear heels, miniskirt will help to complement your body and character. Warning: You shouldn’t wear white T-shirts. At an event surrounding a lot of people, a lot of screaming, jumping and dancing , there is nothing more upset than sweaty stains.

Accessible bag. Attending a concert is like participating in a campfire. You need to be ready at all times. That means you have to have a bottle of water, snacks, tissues, and a headgear with you. Avoid taking an elaborate bag with numerous embellishments as they can get snagged along the way. A minimal, fuss-free bag which is easy to open is the best tote to have for a concert.

Niall Horan is a classic hottie, with his white blonde locks and baby blues. These overalls get a kick from a red bandeau, red Converse, and a Yankee cap, so you can show off your own homeland pride. Bonus: It’s also an all-purpose summer outfit you can wear for other occasions, like trips to the amusement park, fairs, and more.

A leather jacket and plaid skirt is always a great combination! Try cut-out boots with your leather jacket. It will give you a rocker vibe at the One Direction concert.

This one is a super girly look that you can try at the “On the Road Again” One Direction concert. The simple brown skirt, aptly paired with a blouse or white cami top and light-colored boots will make you look good.