How to Dress When You Are Short

How do you dress when you are short or petite, which means below the average height of 1.65 meters or 5 feet and 4 inches? You will find some tips here that will apply for anyone who wants to look leaner or longer. They will work also for those whose upper body is almost the same length as their lower body. These people should aim to make their lower body appear longer.

dressing for short girls

When you are short in height you will usually have the following objectives with your dressing:

•    You will want to appear longer.
•    Create a flattering silhouette.
•    Avoid boxyness.

flattering silhouette

How to Appear Longer When You Are Short

Most short women will want to appear taller and leaner. You can achieve this easily if you follow these guidelines,

– Stick to monochrome outfits or outfits with few color variations. You would look perfect in simple shift dresses, with little color accents here and there.
– Dresses will look great on many short women, as they automatically created the much desired 2/3 – 1/3 look. Try a tight, slim silhouette to look even taller.
– Short women should always wear the right fit and size. Ill fitting clothes will add extra bulk.
– Wear heel to look taller. However, don’t go overboard. Heels that are too high (say above 5 cm) will make you look out of proportion.

– Go easy on the oversized accessories as these may overwhelm you.
– Your legs are likely to be relatively short. To make those appear longer you can wear the same color belt as your pants or skirt.
– Vertical patterns will always elongate and would be particularly good for your pants or skirt. Avoid horizontal stripes.
– A short dress can be very effective for short people, particularly the young. Those above 40 should however avoid them. They can go for outfits that fall just below or on top of the knee. A high waisted skirt or pants will make the legs appear longer.

high waisted skirt
– Wear shoes that keep your heels free. Avoid straps around the ankle. Try shoes that elongate.
– Create nice vertical lines with open straight jacket and cardigans. A cardigan or jacket of the same length as your dress can make you look great.
– Buttoned shirt dresses that stop just above or on top of the knee will create a nice vertical line too.

buttoned shirt dress
– Wear v-line tops to further elongate your look.
– Avoid short trousers and pants that stop at the ankle. It is best that you wear pants with straight pipes or wide legged ones with heels.

short trousers
– Make sure that your tops stop at the hipline or above. Longer tops will make your legs appear even shorter.
– Go for boots that stop just below your knee. Avoid boots that end on the mid part of your shins.

Also remember to wear sunglasses or glasses that are in proportion with you face and the rest of your body. Also, choose a handbag that fits your physique. In many cases oversized handbags are not your best choice. Finally, find a good tailor if you cannot find clothes that fit properly.