How to: Dress Up Like a Mod

mod 10Mod dominated the fall and winter 2015 runways that even our favorite celebrities and street style stars were wearing mod outfits lately.

Mod is a culture and fashion style that is based on the modernism culture of the 50s and 60s. It originally came from British people in the streets of London. Every woman have, once in their lives, doned the mod dress because it’s simply classic and great.

Want to know how to dress like an expert of the mod dress and the mod fashion in general? Continue reading below.


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Mod style focus more on color blocking, hints of bright colors and pastels, black and white, bold and geometric patters, polka-dots and stripes.


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Mod style has features from fort-fitting clothing to unisex styles and bold patterns.

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For the classic mod female outfit, go with sleeveless tops and big sweaters. Mod shirts are usually 3/4-length sleeves or even sleeveless and loose sweaters are huge fashions statements. Make sure to look at the mirror and see if the oversized tops would look good on you or would look ill-fitting.


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For pants, go for fitted ones – ankle or capri pants were very popular back in the day so go with those.


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Mod skirts are short or mini-length. It could be short, shift or A-line dresses with bold patterns.


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When it comes to shoes, chunky heeled and patent leather knee high or ankle high boots are your best bets. As wellla s clogs or loafers.


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For accessories, try wearing scarves, bold jewelries, headbands and oversized sunglassses inspired by modern art to enhance your look.


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For your toppers, go with the classic pea coats and trench coats.