How to Dress for Snow

If you live where winter is actually cold, then sooner or later you must deal with the snow and the problem of choosing an outfit that will keep you warm and looking good. No worries. Just because you must be all covered up, doesn’t have to mean that you must leave your style at home.

You just have to play with different layers, so when it’s time to walk inside closed places, you will feel comfortable and pretty for the whole day.

Here are some of the dress options when it is snowing.

Snow Boots

snow boots

Invest in a pair of good snow boots. But remember, while the UGGs might be comfortable, but they are not going to keep your feet warm or dry. What you need is heavy duty, waterproof boots with good traction. Too many girls have slipped and fallen on their way. So take this tip seriously.

Winter Coat

winter coat

Find a good winter coat. Yes, a quality coat will coat money, but it is definitely worth the extra spent. Ladies, your North Face just isn’t going to cut it anymore. Look for something that extends past your hips. You’d be surprised how much warmer those extra inches of fabric can keep you!



Layer, layer, layer! This is by far one of the easiest things you can do to keep warm on those snowy winter days. Tights under jeans and button-downs under sweaters are a must. Don’t forget accessories either! A knit scarf, a beanie, and gloves look chic and help trap body heat.


There are three outfits that are definitely fit for those winter flurries. Whether you are attending class, going on a date, or heading out to a party, you will be set to brave the cold and look super-cute while doing it.

Leggings and oversized sweaters are staples for any girl who is rolling out of bed on a snowy winter morning. This outfit is both warm and cute, plus it’s comfy enough to be worn throughout the day. The key to this look is in its layers.

Date Night

date in snow

Want to look cute for a date, but still stay warm? This outfit is for you! Depending on the activity planned for the night, you may need to tweak this look a little. Most students lack cars on campus and must walk in the snow. So ditch those heels and opt for a cute pair of boots instead. Throw on thick tights to keep out the cold, and you’ll be dressed to impress without the risk of frostbite.



Parties can be a blast, but the walk to and from can be brutal if you are not properly dressed. The high-waisted jeans and crop top combo is good. It’s still fun and fashionable without sacrificing any warmth. A cardigan and parka will give you an extra layer of protection on the walk over, but can be easily tossed aside so you can dance the night away.