How to Dress For a Winter Mountain Vacation Without Skiing

A weekend on the mountains is a wonderful vacation. Particularly during the winter, because this is when you can enjoy the cold and snow. But it’s not always about skiing.

Escape the urban life. Go on a mountain getaway the next weekend. But it requires careful planning, because you want to pack right. Remember, most mountain towns are small, so they may not have everything you need if you forget to pack an important item. For the hills, you will need some special gear and clothing.

You must carry oversize sweaters that can easily be matched with a pair of jeans, overalls or knit pants. If you love to stay home enjoying the warmth of the fireplace, a poncho is definitely something you should bring with you. If you prefer to hang out outdoors, instead, don’t forget your down jacket, a pair of shoes that will protect you from the snow and a beanie. And of course, you should carry your cap or hat, a good pair of shoes, and sunglasses. The most important thing is finding the right balance between being warm, comfortable and pretty.

If you have no idea what to bring with you, we are here to help!

Jeans in Dark Shades

jeans in dark shadesThe darker the jeans, the more light they will absorb and the warmer they will keep your legs.

Fleece Pants

fleece pants

For bottoms, we suggest fleece pants. You can pack a heavier fleece for very cold days or a lighter fleece for days that hover around the freezing mark.

Snow Boots

snow boots

Invest in a good pair of boots with gripping soles and a rubber shell that stands up to slush. It should be a comfortable walking shoe. You can also check out some of these amazing winter boots for men at nicershoes .



The right gloves will keep your fingers warm, and working.

Waterproof Snow Pants

waterproof snow pants

It works great for snowboarding, ice skating, snowmobiling or simply going for walks. Once again, make sure it has zippers and vents to let in air. Vents can easily cool you down without have to strip down right away.



You will need a good jacket to keep the cold away.



Carry a good sweater. Select a matching color.


wool caps

Woolen caps to protect your ears from the wind.


winter scarves

A good scarf will provide you warmth and comfort.


sunglassA sunglass to protect your eyes from the snow glare and the sun’s harmful UV rays. Up in the hills, the UV rays are stronger.