How to Dress After 40 and Look Good

Dressing is about personal preferences. But having said this, we want to move with the times and look trendy. After all, it would certainly be strange if you suddenly began to dress like it was the 1940. And not just that, we also want to move with our age as well. If you are trying to look like you are sixteen, then you are trying too hard to stay young. Don’t do this. Age gracefully. How you dress should reflect your age. Dress to your strengths and take your body into account.

dressing after 40
Avoid The Following

1.    Don’t buy clothes that do not flatter you, even if it’s trendy. It is important to know your body type.
2.    Try not to be too matchy-matchy or too polished. It’s nice to mix things up and be a bit more playful. A 2 piece suit will quickly look old. Better to mix that jacket with another skirt or pants and look effortlessly chic.

jacket with skirt
3.    Avoid buying fabrics that are too cheap as they are usually not flattering.
4.    Don’t mix a tight skirt or pants with a tight top. Aim to have either a tight skirt with a loser top or vice versa.

tight skirt with loose top
5.    Avoid these clothes – miniskirts, really short shorts, mom jeans, mini dresses, baggy jeans, ripped jeans, baggy sweats, unfitted blazers, and too long skirts.

Do The Following

1.    Know your style and understand your body! You will feel good when you wear clothes that represent you and look good on you.
2.    Mix and match designer items with non-designer ones.
3.    Wear skirts that are just above or on top of the knee. This is the best skirt length for women over 40. But remember not to go too far over the knee as this is not flattering for your calves. Your overall look will be older. You will look the sexiest and chicest if the skirt is not too wide and not too long.

skirt just above the knee
4.    Try shapewear if you want to hide some of the bulges. Learn how to skillfully hide with the right clothes if you don’t like shapewear.
5.    Play with accessories such as belts, jewelry and hats. They can make a real difference to your outfit.

6.    Wear a good bra and invisible undergarments.
7.    You can wear these classic outfits – a long coat, white button down shirt, long pants that fit well, a well fitted blazer, a good pair of dark denim jeans (try straight leg or boot cut), or any beautiful dress that fits you well (don’t go for the little black dress automatically, because often many women over 40 looks better in a colorful dress).

long coat
8.    Stay current with the fashion trends. Keep a few current things in your wardrobe. But make sure to pick only those trends that look good on you.
9.    Finally take a final critical look at yourself before going out.