How To: Cocktail Dresses for Daytime

cocktail 8It’s all about mixing and matching. Who knew it would be super easy to dress down an evening dress just a couple of simple tips?


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Tone down your cocktail dress by layering a cute sweater on top of it. It will make your evening dress look more appropriate for daytime wear.


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If your cocktail dress have some details on it, you shouldn’t hide it. You can definitely transform it for daytime-appropriate look by wearing it with oversized and chic sunglasses paired with chunky platform sandals or shoes.


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Just because you can’t master the art of mixing and matching prints, here’s a quick tip on how to look at it. Choose two different prints with similar base colors that complement each other.


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It will tie everything together if you found other colors that are found both in the pieces. Super easy, right?


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Another quick tip is that if you mix patterns, you got to add some colors that go together as well.


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Mix prints with your sequins, for instance, to create a rich, textured look that is both flirty and fun.


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Those are pretty simple and easy, right? All you need to do is try on a couple of things so you would know which works best.