How to Choose Dress Shoes for Men

dress shoes for men 12These are some of the things you need to consider when you’re hunting for the perfect pair of dress shoes.


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Everyone is unique in their own way but it’s important that the dress shoes you will be choosing is a huge part of what people use to define you. You’re going to let your personality shine through them.


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If you have an outgoing nature, you should go for something brasher with monk straps and brogues.


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While for those who aren’t really into fashion but would like to look stylish, a plain cap toe with laces will be alright too.


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For the color of the shoes, we all know black is a universal color. But your safest bet when choosing your shoes with any outfit you’ve put together is brown, except for when you’re wearing black outfit.


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If you’re going to dress coolly, brown will make your entire look more polished and sophisticated. Brown is a great crossover value and something to ponder on when you’re selecting your pair of dress shoes.


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When selecting dress shoes style, make sure you get real leather shoes. It needs to have leather soles that should be stitched but without noticeable stitching. Soles that are stitched will last longer than those with glued on and you won’t even have a problem when your original soles wear out because it will be easier to replace.


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If you’re only getting one pair, you should get laces or monk straps. Depending on your personality, choose between an elegant/vintage pair and a contemporary/sleek pair.


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Choose dress shoes with quality. A larger investment can last you years, while cheaper ones, in the long run, will last you a good few months.


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But expensive shoes doesn’t mean the quality will forever be preserved. You should know how to take care of your dress shoes by polishing them often. Use a saddle soap to keep the leather strong.


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You should also invest in shoe trees – they take away the moisture that built-up from the leather – allowing them to dry and keep their shape while also keeping odors at bay by preventing forms of bacteria.