How to Become a Street Style Star

Some girls never get an outfit wrong, while it’s a constant struggle for others. It’s clear that it takes a whole lot more than picking up a Chanel handbag and hitting the fashion week circuit. So what makes the perfect chemistry between girl, outfit and photographer? Let’s find out.

Walk in Beautiful Places

girls fashion

The formula for a winning street style shot is a concoction of different elements like you looking your best, an inspirational outfit, a striking background and an excellent photographer who captures the moment in high resolution. It needn’t be overwhelming. Flash a smile for the lens. Make it spontaneous.

Master Your Poses

girls fashion

You must relax to look good in photographs. It is surely going to show if you are worrying about where to put your arm or whether you should smile with your teeth.

Do Not Let the Weather Kill Your Enthusiasm

dress for weather

It can rain in Paris, snow in New York, and be too hot in Milan. The weather can ruin your enthusiasm. No matter what the forecast says, be prepared with clever layers that demonstrate how well you can style a functional look. Dress appropriately for the weather. You can still look very attractive.

Wear Shoes You Can Walk In

walking shoes

There’s nothing worse than watching a woman tumbling over towering heels or balancing on cobbles. Even though it’s a photo rather than a video, you need to be able to strut, stride and glide across the urban landscape in those shoes. Not only will you be way more comfortable, your posture will be elevated as well. It will certainly show if you are not feeling comfortable. And of course, you definitely need to be in a good pair of shoes if you are planning to do some walking.

Be Experimental With Your Style

experiment with your style

There is a fine line between knowing what suits you and playing it too safe. Sometimes it is good to experiment. After all, you won’t know how you are going to look in the outfit unless you try it. You will also keep them guessing what you are going to wear next.

Look Good in 360 Degrees

360 degrees look

Sometimes, girls make the mistake of considering what they see just in the mirror up-front. That can be a costly mistake. Before leaving the house, don’t just check your look from the front, you should also check that your look is balanced all around. Some of the best street style snaps are of women walking away from the camera where your back is visible. So you need to care about how you appear from the behind as well.

Try Trendy Accessories


Yes, you might want to stay true to your own personal style agenda, but it’s always cool to have the season’s most talked-about accessory. It could be a new hat, bag, sunglasses or a piece of jewelry. Find out what’s hot right now and use it in your picture. The camera is going to follow you like a magnet.